Can pregnant women take cold medicine during pregnancy?

Dear Zhongliujun, I have been pregnant for more than three months, but because I have been a little uncomfortable recently, it seems to be a cold. I want to ask pregnant women?Will it affect the fetus?

In fact, this is a question that most people ask.Most clinical data at home and abroad believe that medication during pregnancy is not absolutely safe, including some Chinese medicines.

Generally speaking, we use cold medicines during colds to relieve symptoms. The current commonly used cold medicines commonly used in clinical clinicals are mainly divided into several categories such as anti -cold, antiviral drugs, fever, and antibacterials.

At present, more anti -cold medicines are the main products such as fast -acting and winding capsules, colds, Kangtaik, Baijiahe, Kangbi De, Kangkang, Kuake and other products.It will have a certain impact.Most of the antiviral drugs are diamidine, virusazole, etc., most of them have adverse effects on fetuses.

If pregnant women have no clear evidence of bacterial infection, such as tonsillitis, cough yellow sputum, and liquid nose, antibacterials should not be used because antibiotics can be used to fetch the fetus through the placenta.If the pregnant woman can be diagnosed with bacterial infections after examination and testing in the hospital, they should choose antibiotics such as penicillin and cephalosporin that are relatively safe for pregnant women and fetuses according to the doctor’s order.

Therefore, it is not recommended to take a cold medicine for pregnant women.

For pregnant women’s colds, most of the physical therapy is the most commonly used. Of course, the best way is to seek medical treatment in time and control the infection according to the doctor’s order to control the virus as soon as possible to prevent the disease from worsening.If it is a mild cold, it is recommended to drink plenty of boiled water, rest in bed, pay attention to keep warm; those who have a heavy cold and have a fever, except for general treatment, can cool down as soon as possible, and use physical cooling methods, such as the amount of ice bags or warm water in the neck, etc.Essence

The use of antipyretics needs to be more cautious. It is generally recommended to add Bai Yining, but it must also be taken under the guidance of the physician.Commonly used antipyretic Astirin after IVF transplantation can improve the endometrium and increase the pregnancy rate.

The use of small doses in the middle and late stages can prevent thrombosis. The use in the middle and late stages is safe and does not increase the malformations of the fetus.Another kind of anti -deh and pain is not only an anti -inflammatory analgesic drug, but also can be used for premature premature fetal treatment. Most of the aura premature birth can be used after 28 weeks of pregnancy and does not exceed 48 hours.The fetal arterial catheter is closed early and caused fetal cycle disorders.

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