Can pregnant women really make up?

A few days ago, my aunt invited relatives and friends to come home, saying that there was a big event to announce, and after I went, I knew that the cousin was pregnant, and everyone was busy congratulating her.At this time, I suddenly asked my cousin, how she was pregnant and was still thick on her face.In fact, my cousin just turned out a light makeup. The cousin said that she usually requires light makeup. When she is pregnant, she can make up. Many colleagues in her are the same. The babies born are also healthy.In short, the cousin and grandma started a "debate" of whether the pregnant woman could make up.In the end, my cousin still made a concession, and when she didn’t go to work, she was so beautiful.

So does pregnant women really have to "plain face" every day?

Skin care

Skin care products are indispensable for women in any period, even if they are pregnancy.However, during pregnancy, the hormone level in pregnant women changes, and the physique will become particularly sensitive.Some people have to give away pets that have been raised for many years during pregnancy, because they have become Yimin’s physique after pregnancy.The same is true for the skin. It may have been used for a long time before, and rash starts to use it during pregnancy.Therefore, when choosing skin care products during pregnancy, you must choose a mild skin care suit. It is best to choose moisturizing and hydrating types, because the composition of the mask with a wide range of effects is relatively complicated and easier to allergies.Skin care products and masks can also be used to directly choose pregnant women, and they will be more assured.


Many expectant mothers will continue to work in the early pregnancy, and they will inevitably make a light makeup when going out.So how to choose cosmetics?Sunscreen is necessary. Mother’s skin during pregnancy is already fragile.Therefore, pregnant women should try to avoid working outdoors. They can take sunscreen umbrellas. Double protection is safer.As long as the foundation and eyebrow pencil is a brand of regular manufacturers, it can be used without a material that pregnant women taboo.Lipstick should pay attention to it when using it. It is easy to absorb dust and bacteria in the air. If you accidentally eat or drink water, you will eat it in your stomach.Therefore, clean the lipstick on your mouth before eating.

Other supplies

Women like perfumes, but many perfumes contain artificial musk, and artificial musk is prohibited by pregnant women. It is not recommended to use it during breastfeeding.There is also nail polish. Most of the nail polish contains phthalamic acid. This substance can be absorbed by the human body through the skin. In the long run, it can cause fetal malformations or abortion.Therefore, mothers still endure, for the sake of their baby and their health, do not use these products for the time being.

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