Can pregnant women eat shrimp?

Shrimp has the characteristics of rich nutrition, soft meat, and easy to digest. It is suitable for people who are weak and need to be cured after illness.Can pregnant women eat shrimp?

Q: Can pregnant women eat shrimp?

Answer: Can eat.

Shrimp is rich in calcium, as long as it is a pregnant woman who is not allergic to shrimp can eat more in moderation.Pregnant women have supplemented more calcium and eat more calcium -rich foods, while shrimp skin and shrimp themselves contain high calcium. Pregnant women can eat nutrient elements such as calcium and zinc needed by the body.

What are the benefits of pregnant women with shrimp?

There are many types of shrimp, large categories of sea shrimp and freshwater shrimp, no matter which shrimp, its nutritional value is very high, which can enhance the human body’s immunity, premature premature aging, and help kidney deficiency and impotence, chills, tiredness, waist, waist, waist, waist, waistTreatment of knee soreness and other diseases.Shrimp is rich in magnesium. Magnesium has an important regulatory effect on heart activity. It can well protect the cardiovascular system, reduce cholesterol content in the blood, prevent arteriosclerosis, expand coronary arteries, and help prevent hypertension and myocardial infarction.

Pregnant women eat more shrimp or shrimp skin, can supplement calcium, zinc supplement, and promote the growth of fetal bones and brain development.

What are the precautions for pregnant women with shrimp?

1. Do not eat shrimp with pregnant women who are allergic to shrimp

If pregnant women eat itching, urticaria or heart panic, asthma, or abdominal pain, diarrhea and other phenomena after eating shrimp, consider food allergies and stop eating immediately.Once allergic, it is recommended to go to the hospital to find a doctor for diagnosis and treatment.

2. Do not eat it with fruits containing tannic acid.

Another individual of tannic acid is tannin acid, which can coagulate protein.Fruits such as grapes, pomegranates, hawthorn, persimmons, etc. contain tannic acid. If these fruits are eaten with a shrimp rich in protein and calcium, it will not only reduce the nutritional value of protein, but also the tannic acid in the fruit will be combined with calcium ions to form formedInvolved binding, stimulating the gastrointestinal discomfort, vomiting, dizziness, nausea, and abdominal pain and diarrhea occur.

3. Remove shrimp lines.

The shrimp line on the back of the shrimp is a waste that has not been excreted. If you eat a mud smell in your mouth, it will affect appetite, and you should remove it in advance.The method of removing shrimp lines is very simple: After buying the shrimp, clean it first, cut the long beard of the shrimp, and the extra part, and use the toothpick to draw the shrimp line (shrimp intestines) at the second knuckle of the shrimp to deal withGood shrimp can be cleaned.

4, rotten and deteriorating shrimp are not diet.

The color red, soft, and U -bearing shrimp is not fresh shrimp or even broken shrimp.

[Extended reading] How to choose fresh shrimp?

You can refer to the following methods:

A. Selection of fresh shrimp:

Look at the shape: The fresh shrimp head and tail are closely connected to the body, and the shrimp body has a certain degree of curvature.

Gala color: fresh shrimp skin shells are shiny, river shrimp is green, sea shrimp is blue and white (female shrimp) or egg yolk (male shrimp), non -fresh shrimp, dark shells are dark, and shrimp is slightly red or gray -purple.

Watching meat: Fresh shrimp is solid and delicate, elastic.

Smelling odor: Fresh shrimp smells normally without odor.

B. Selection of frozen shrimp:

Frozen shrimp kernels are easier to save than fresh shrimp. Frozen shrimp kernels should choose a slightly blue -gray surface, full of feel and elasticity; those who look big and red are best not to pick.

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