Can pregnant mothers make up?What taboos need to pay attention to pregnant mothers?

Should pregnant women make up?

In China, many experts propose to use cosmetics carefully during pregnancy. One of the reasons is that some of the harmful ingredients in some cosmetics exceed the standard (such as mercury, lead, arsenic and other heavy metals).These over -standard cosmetics will not only stimulate fragile skin, but also cause fetal distortion.Therefore, when selecting cosmetics during pregnancy, it is necessary to purchase cosmetics produced by regular manufacturers and suitable for allergic skin.

1. Foundation ingenuity concealer

Due to endocrine changes during pregnancy and increasing melanin precipitation, pigmentation and freckles have become the heart disease of pregnant mothers.Therefore, the foundation of the foundation is skillfully used to combine with the concealer to become a compulsory course for each pregnant woman.However, be careful not to wipe your face thicker and white because of spots, which is not conducive to skin breathing, nor can it achieve the effect of natural makeup.

In the spots, first apply a layer of foundation that is similar to the skin color, and then use the concealer pen to the spots.If you use concealer, choose a color number deeper than the foundation, and do not apply it in large area.Finally, the skin tone of thin powder.

2. Hide dark circles

The physiological phenomenon of pregnancy reactions and small abdomen bulges often makes pregnant mothers not eat well and restlessly, which directly affects the skin condition of pregnant women, and unknowingly appears dark circles and fine lines.At this time, when drawing eye makeup, you can use high -gloss foundation to embellish the front end of the lower eyelid. This can shape the three -dimensional effect of the eye socket contour, make your entire eyes look shining, and the dark circles are naturally hidden.

① Dip a little foundation with your fingers or tensor cream, press under the eyes, condition the skin surface, and lightly pat it with your fingers to absorb it.

② Use light -colored eyeliner along the lower eyeliner and draw lines from the middle, and the length is about 1/3 of the total length of the lower eyeliner.Then use a cotton swab to bloom on the eyeliner.

③ Finally, use small powder puff (or eye shadow brush) to dip some light -colored high -light powder (such as light yellow), and apply it gently from the front end of the lower eyelid to allow the powder to cover the dark circles evenly and lightly.

3. Paper

Since I am pregnant, I have always been said to have a bad face, and many pregnant mothers have such experience. This is caused by melanin deposition caused by melain deposition.Therefore, when drawing makeup, you should focus on "coloring" the skin.In fact, more than lipstick and eye shadow, blush is the weapon that makes people look best.Apply a pink blush, and the complexion became more rosy and shiny.

• Choose a coral red or pink blush, and then brush it with a large blush under the cheekbones repeatedly.Because if you just brush it, the blush powder is difficult to attach to the skin, so it must be brushed several times to make the powder evenly apply to the cheek.

4. Makeup of oil skin

The effects of luteal hormones during pregnancy and the closed sebaceous glands of the skin cause sebum accumulation, so it will easily spend after drawing makeup.Pregnant mothers often just go out, and the paintings of paintings are quickly experienced by fat and sweat.Therefore, we should carry noodle paper (or oil -absorbing paper) with you to remove the fat floating on the surface of the pores.Then use your fingers to smooth the remaining sebum, and finally use the oil -controlled loose powder to fix makeup.

① Open the tissue paper, press hard on the entire T -shaped area, and then gently wipe off the fat floating on the surface of the pores.Then press the nose with your fingers to smooth the remaining sebum.

② Take a small amount of oil -controlled powder with powder puff (you can dip the powder twice with powder) and pat on the skin.Do not apply the powder very thickly, which will affect the skin’s breathing and stimulate the skin to secrete more oil.

Tips: Pregnant mothers makeup taboos

On the day of treatment, pregnant women should not make up or apply nail oil.Because doctors have to diagnose your physical condition based on your skin tone and the color of your nails.

Do not draw thick thick makeup during pregnancy, because the skin is more sensitive at this time, and too thick makeup will affect skin breathing, thereby further stimulating sensitive skin.

Use lipstick with caution.Lipsticks will adsorb the harmful dirt and E. coli and other microorganisms such as the fetus. These harmful things will enter the mother as saliva, which will hurt the fetus in the abdomen.Therefore, you should apply as little lipstick as possible, especially not lipstick.

Because some pregnant women may be too sensitive to odor during pregnancy, it is best to choose cosmetics without additives and spice.Perfume should be used with caution during pregnancy.

Don’t ignore the impact of the season on the skin because of "big belly".Different products should be selected according to the season during pregnancy.For example, you need to choose moisturizing foundation in autumn and winter, and you choose oil -controlled foundation in spring and summer.

Pregnant women must be sunscreen

Pregnant women’s skin will be particularly sensitive to light. Remember to sunscreen whether it is home or out.Many people regard the sun spots that do not pay attention to sun protection as pregnancy spots. As a result, they cannot be eliminated after pregnancy.Secondly, during sunscreen, try to choose some pure physical sunscreen (with titanium dioxide and zinc oxide as objects) products. Such products usually do not cause skin allergies, high safety, and good effect.

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