Can patients with hypothyroidism have children?If you want to produce smoothly, keep in mind these two steps

Nowadays, more and more people suffer from thyroid diseases, bringing a lot of trouble to their own health and affecting the happy life of the family.Many hypothyroidism patients are very worried about fertility, so they are even more upset in the face of childbirth and do not know what to do.So, what impact will hypothyroidism bring on children?Can hyperactivity women pregnant with children?How can women adjust?

1. The influence of hypothyroidism

1. Pregnant women with hypothyroidism may have an impact on the birth of the child after they have not been treated well, such as mental development, short figure, and laminated defects.About half of babies may suffer from thyroid diseases or congenital diseases after they grow. If pregnant women can control their condition during pregnancy, it will naturally not affect the baby.

2. Whether the child is suffering from hypothyroidism after birth, which is not related to whether the mother is sick during pregnancy, how much drugs are taken, and the normal control symptoms during pregnancy.Pregnant women carrying thyroid pathogenic genes may have congenital hypothyroidism children even if they do not develop a disease.It can be seen that thyroid diseases have a hereditary tendency, but genetically, genetically do not necessarily get sick.Only a small number of congenital hypothyroidism is hereditary. Most patients are caused by thyroid abnormal development and dysfunction. Most of them have nothing to do with hypothyroidism. If the baby is genetic hypothyroidism, parents carry thyroid diseaseIn order to avoid the emergence of the disease, it is best to find symptoms in time and treat them early.

2. Adjustment after illness

1. Before pregnancy

Many women suffer from irregular menstruation and ovulation due to hypothyroidism, which will directly cause pregnancy difficulties.Therefore, hypothyroidism must be actively treated. Whether it is treated with Chinese medicine or western medicine, hormone levels must be controlled first, and then thyroid function is effectively regulated.It is determined that the thyroid recovery is normal before starting to get pregnant.

2. After pregnancy

Some friends found that there were hypothyroidism after pregnancy.A hypothyroidism during pregnancy may not only cause abortion, pregnancy hypertension and other problems, but also affects the normal development of the fetus.Therefore, it is necessary to actively communicate with doctors during pregnancy and use drug control during pregnancy.

So in summary, once women are diagnosed with hypothyroidism, they should be treated as soon as possible.After controlling the disease, consider whether you want children.Otherwise, even if you are pregnant, it is likely to cause abortion and death. Therefore, the key to women’s pregnancy is to control thyroid hormones within the normal range.

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