Can low back pain during pregnancy? How to relieve back pain during pregnancy?

An October is a pain and happiness for a mother. When the baby grows up day by day in the belly, the load of the waist is getting heavier and heavier.Many expectant mothers, can back pain during pregnancy, can I stick to pain cream?How to relieve back pain during pregnancy?

Can I put pain relief cream during pregnancy?

Can’t.Generally, tiger bones, musk and the like in the plaster for painkillers, and pregnant women cannot be used.Pain -relieving cream generally has the function of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, which is easy to cause abortion.

How to relieve low back pain during pregnancy

1. Pay attention to calcium supplementation

During pregnancy, due to the continuous growth of the fetus and bone formation, a large amount of calcium is required to be used for fetal use. Therefore, in addition to considering the calcium required by themselves, pregnant mothers also provide sufficient calcium for the fetal baby.If calcium is not supplemented during pregnancy, the mother will lack calcium, and the teeth are loose and waist and leg pain after the end of pregnancy.In addition to sufficient calcium, pregnant mothers should also pay attention to expose the sun and movement often to promote the absorption of calcium.

2. Pay attention to sleeping position

It is recommended that when your mother lay down, first bent her legs to support the pelvis, and then twist the pelvis gently until the waist is adjusted to the position that she thinks is more comfortable, and then takes the position of the left side position.The oppression of the device ensures the blood flow of the uterus and placenta, reduces the venous veins of the lower limbs, and relieves the waist pressure.

3. Do not work hard

Some lightweight housework can help work, but if you lift heavy things, stand on a high place, take things and take back and heavy bags, etc. These housework will cause pregnant mothers to hurt the waist inadvertently.In the middle and in the middle of pregnancy, you can’t work more and hesitated. Maybe you accidentally flash your waist and twist your legs. If you are uncomfortable, you will be afraid of hurting the fetus.

During pregnancy, due to the continuous development of the fetus, it is often caused by back pain and other problems in pregnant women. Can back pain during pregnancy be pasted with pain, and how to relieve back pain during pregnancy?

4. Massage hot compress

Massage and relieve low back pain.During the massage, the five fingers are together, put on both sides of the back lumbar spine, the palms of the palms are inward, rubbing slowly up and down until the part is hot.At the same time, you can also do local hot compresses. Apply a hot towel every day to the waist for about half an hour, which can effectively reduce the pain.

5. Pay attention to keep warm

The waist is cold and can easily damage the kidney qi, causing low back pain. Therefore, pregnant mothers should take the waist warmth measures. Even in the summer, they need to expose their waist less. Remember to cover a thin layer of thin quilt on the stomach when sleeping.

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