Can I use skin care products during pregnancy?

There are people who love beauty, even if they are pregnant, they want to turn out a beautiful makeup if they go out or attend some important occasions.

However, many people around you will say to the pregnant mother: You cannot use cosmetics during pregnancy, and you will hurt your fetus!

Therefore, in terms of whether you can make up during pregnancy, a beautiful heart is about to be tangled …

Rumoring cosmetics contain too much chemicals,

It will cause fetal malformations

The beautiful pregnant mothers have discarded difficulties

The "babies" I have beloved

is this real?

Will the baby be deformed after touching the cosmetics?

Will makeup cause the baby’s deformity?

It is reported that among all birth defects, the defects caused by chemicals and drugs only account for only about 1%.

Pregnant women can make a little light makeup,

But pay attention to the following issues!

Cosmetic ingredients must be clearly seen

Three standards should pay attention to

Limited requirements for lead: 10mg/kg

Limited requirements of arsenic: 2mg/kg

Limited requirements for cadmium: 20mg/kg

Two prohibited ingredients should be avoided

Diabenonic acid: Some inferior nail polish or spray hair gels usually contain phthalin acid, which may affect the development of male fetal reproductive system during pregnancy.

Vitamin: Some acne products contain vitaminic acid, which may lead to the emergence of terators.

Precautions for makeup during pregnancy

Pregnant women should use cosmetics with caution, especially hair and cadmium content with high lead and cadmium content.Try to choose cosmetics such as alcohol, hormones, heavy metals (copper, mercury, lead, etc.), chemicals and chemical flavors.Try not to remove freckle, whitening and other functional skin care products, you can choose mild skin care products.

Makeup during pregnancy should not be too heavy, it is best to make light makeup and minimize the number of makeup.If makeup is melted during pregnancy, removing makeup should be thorough to prevent pigmentation.

It is best not to use lipstick during pregnancy.The ingredients of lipstick are relatively complicated. After applying, drinking water, eating or speaking, it is easy to enter the body as saliva, which may adversely affect the fetus.

Pay attention to allergies to make up or skin care during pregnancy.Pay attention to check the composition of the product instructions and use products produced by reputable manufacturers.

Do not make up during pregnancy, so as not to cover some abnormal signs and affect the doctor’s judgment.

It is best not to perm and hair during pregnancy.Hair dye, especially inferior hair dye, is complicated, and may increase the exposure of adverse contact.

A small amount of contact with cosmetics will not increase the risk of birth defects.Remind that expectant mothers should pay special attention to product components when using skin care products and cosmetics, choose products that pregnant women can use, and use reputable manufacturers’ products.

In fact, as long as you do hydration, sun protection and cleaning during pregnancy, maintain adequate sleep, plus some love to create a good mood, the pregnant mother must bring makeup naturally every day, which is so good.

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