Can I use a computer during pregnancy?Can be used, but do this

A friend asked, "I am pregnant, do I use a computer at work? Is it impact?" Indeed, many pregnant mothers have such concerns, because computer use is very common, and there are not a few computers in which unit!

Generally, ordinary personal computers have no harm to the human body. It depends on whether the working environment is comfortable and safe. Specific analysis of specific problems.Now everyone is inseparable from the computer, and there are many people working in front of the computer.I did not leave the computer twice at the time.

If the computer is configured in a substation, radiology, heavy machine room and other places, the radiation dose will be very large. It is unbearable by pregnant women and should be avoided here.If you are not good at your work with your fetus, you should be transferred to post.

A friend knew that his work was harmful to the body and the fetus. He continued to stick to his post when he was pregnant.Since then, I have been afraid of cold, and it is comfortable to wear thick cotton pants in winter.Some friends are particularly wise. If you want to get pregnant or know you are pregnant, you immediately ask for a post and have a smooth baby.

If the environment of work is poor, such as Internet cafes.There are too many computers in the room, too many personnel, and smells such as smoking, poor ventilation, and turbid air.The harmful smell can dizzy the pregnant woman, and the inhalation of fresh air in time will cause hypoxia. In this case, it cannot work in front of the computer.

If the working environment is comfortable, there is one or more computers in the room. There are fewer personnel, fresh air, and windows can be ventilated at any time.Pregnant women work in such an environment.

If the working environment is excluded, the computer can be used normally, and you must not sit for a long time.Every hour will get up to move to promote blood circulation.The dangers of sedentary longevity are easily causing venous thrombosis, rising body temperature, causing gynecological inflammation, and fetal fetal movements.

I was very nervous when I was pregnant for the first time, and wearing radiation protection clothes for several months.I didn’t buy the second pregnancy because I learned that it has no effect.According to research, the role of radiation protection clothing is to let outsiders know that you are pregnant, and you can also comfort your heart.The radiation protection uniforms cannot not only prevent radiation, but also affect the radiation inside the clothes out of the outward.Therefore, it is not recommended to wear radiation protection uniforms.

The above is my point of view. The ordinary office environment can use a computer, and there is no need to wear radiation protection uniforms.If you have any questions, please leave a message on the comment area

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