Can I still regenerate after ligation?certainly!How long can I get pregnant after the elderly women resume?

In the clinic, they often meet such female friends. They experience the failure of one marriage. In order to maintain the happiness of the second marriage, they have intended to be pregnant.The second child, waiting for the old age, and the plan to have a second child.However, the idea of performing a tubal resume surgery was born, but it wondered if it could be pregnant after the resurgence.This article will be introduced in detail.

1. How can we ensure the success rate of resume surgery

1. Surgical method

The degree of pain in resurgence surgery is related to surgery. There are two types of fallopian tubal resume surgery: abdominal operation and minimally invasive surgery. Among them, abdominal surgery wounds, obvious pain, slow postoperative recovery, minimally invasive surgical wounds, mild pain, surgery, surgeryAfter recovery quickly.

2. Hospital facilities

The more advanced the medical equipment in the hospital, the smaller the degree of surgery.The more lagging in the medical equipment, the more obvious the pain during the operation, but it may also cause unnecessary damage and infection.

3. Surgery doctor

Doctors will also affect the degree of pain in resurgence.The more skilled doctors and the more experienced clinical diagnosis and treatment, the more accurate operation, the shorter the operation time, and the lighter pain.

2. Can I still regenerate after ligation?

If the bilateral tubal ligation is ligated without compatibility, it is impossible to get pregnant naturally. If it is because of some special circumstances, you need to regenerate.The surgery makes the fallopian tube unobstructed and naturally pregnant.

3. Regarding the resume surgery, we can make it clear at a time

1. How long can I recover after completing the operation?

Answer: At least 1 month after the resume surgery. In principle, one month after one month, a normal holiday has been visited. Even if the body recovers, you can try to have children in the same room.Looking at the condition of the body, there are no problems in other aspects.In addition, everyone must remember to do a unobstructed check after surgery.

2. Can you be pregnant if you have a resumed surgery?

Answer: The fallopian tube resume surgery is a minimally invasive surgery under the laparoscopic laparoscopy. The wounds are small, the complications are small, and the physical recovery speed is relatively fast. Generally, it can return to normal life and work for 3 days.There are rarely re -adhesion after surgery. After reviewing the tubal condition, after the doctor’s conditioning, pregnancy can be prepared in the short term.The success rate of postoperative pregnancy is affected by many factors, surgery, husband and wife’s physical condition, pregnancy preparation age, daily life conditioning, and postoperative care.

3. What exactly is the pelvic fossiling of the aura?

Hulmoscopic vulcanosopopstosocus is a comprehensive use of hysteroscopy and laparoscopy to perform minimally invasive surgery without abdominal abdomen.By amplifying 10-20 times the high-definition surgical field of vision, under the guidance of the endoscope, an experienced infertility experts are dredged or resumed by fallopian tubes to restore the fluid tubes.

The advantage is:

① No need to operate, no pain, short surgery time, and recovery after surgery.

② The positioning is more accurate, which can fully observe the external conditions of the cervix, uterine cavity, fallopian tube umbrella end and uterine, and accurately understand the diseased area, scope and degree.

③ Checking, dredging, and treatment synchronize. You only need to punch holes in the abdomen, and there will be no postoperative abdominal scars, which will cause less damage to the body.

Fourth, the real case of fallopian tube resume surgery

At the age of 43, she wanted to regenerate a child for her husband and decided to do a tubal sync!

47 -year -old remarry a small 13 -year -old fresh meat, just want to have a baby for him

The 19 -year -old girl was born when the appendicitis laid hidden dangers and caused the bilateral fallopian tube to block

The girl must be ligated by her in -laws who want to divorce ruthlessly, causing the pipe to be separated …

39 -year -old Fu Tong "拼" to fight for a three -child doctor: fine kissing helps to get pregnant

January resumed the second child to fight for a second child, and the local review could not be kept.

The 35 -year -old woman infected with minimally invasive test tubes failed. Today, I found Director Wang to help the second child to have a dream.

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