Can I still get pregnant when I have pelvic inflammatory disease?Women look at it, don’t panic in their hearts

In fact, there are many focus on the focus of pelvic inflammatory inflammatory patients who are not the treatment of diseases, but whether they can get pregnant.After all, the disease of pelvic inflammatory disease is low to women’s bodies and has the characteristics of slow development. Therefore, many patients with pregnancy age will focus on pregnancy.

As for whether patients with pelvic inflammatory disease still have the ability to pregnancy, they need to be analyzed according to the patient’s condition, that is, this question has no unified answer.If the patient wants to know if he has the ability to get pregnant, you can judge according to the content below:

1. Patients who spread to the ovarian area

When the inflammation of pelvic inflammatory disease has spread, it is likely to cause multiple tissues in the uterus and the inflammatory response, such as bilateral fallopian tube parts.When both the fallopian tubes of pelvic inflammatory disease have inflammatory reactions, the fertility ability of women will adversely affect the fertility of women; when the inflammation causes the patient’s biopoppypermideAbility.

2. The inflammation has not spread to the ovarian system

In fact, as long as patients with pelvic inflammatory disease are treated in time, the scope of the diffusion of this inflammation generally cannot reach the ovarian system, so patients still have the ability to give birth. After all, their ovaries are secreted by egg cells at a normal speed.After the successful combination of egg cells and sperm, patients with pelvic inflammatory disease will successfully get pregnant.

For patients with pelvic inflammatory disease, it is best not to choose to get pregnant during this period. Be sure to wait for the inflammation in the body to be completely cleared and implement the pregnancy plan, otherwise it will bring a lot of harm to themselves.This is because the physical load of female patients during pregnancy is very large, so it is likely to speed up the development of pelvic inflammatory disease. For pregnant women, they cannot take any drugs, otherwise they will cause the fetus in the abdomenThe impact of poorness, so pregnant women need to withstand the pain caused by the disease, and then increase the chance of abortion.In addition, the choice of pregnancy at the time of pelvic inflammation will also affect the development of the fetus. After all, female patients cannot provide sufficient nutrients and good habitats for the fetus.

All in all, for patients with pelvic inflammatory disease, they should not consider this matter whether they have the ability to get pregnant.Because choosing pregnancy during pelvic inflammatory disease will bring some damage to themselves and the fetus in the abdomen, and some damage may directly threaten the fetal safety of the fetus.

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