Can I have the same room after pregnancy?Is it harmful to the fetus?After reading it, you will understand the truth

Almost a large part of the problem of life of couples during pregnancy will say that of course, it will hurt the fetus in the abdomen.But a small number of people will say, of course, after all, in October, who can hold back.So today we will talk about this eternal topic: Can I have the same room during pregnancy?Does the same room hurt the fetus?What are not recommended to live a husband and wife?

1. Can pregnancy be in the same room?

If you are a healthy pregnant woman and the pregnancy test is normal, there is no high -risk factors, you can follow the principles of safety and moderate, learn and understand the appropriate pregnancy period of life, and choose a safe position (such as: female upper men and lower positions, side positions, rear, and post -rearSiter) can be sexual life.Moreover, at home and abroad, there were many studies on sexual life during pregnancy, and did not find that the consequences of adverse pregnancy during pregnancy will increase the adverse pregnancy consequences of pregnant women.

2. It is not recommended for people in the same room

If there is an abnormal phenomenon such as abortion, premature birth history, or bleeding, abnormal secretions, front placenta, low placenta, cervical relaxation, etc., sexual life should be avoided.The fetal membrane that wraps the fetus and amniotic fluid is ruptured early or those with incomplete cervical function, etc., all belong to people who are not suitable for sex.If you belong to these high -risk groups of pregnant women, then you must endure it.

3. Will the fetus hurt the fetus?

Because the fetus is in the mother’s belly, it is protected by thick fetal sacs and amniotic fluid. Even if the outside movement is great, it will not affect the baby’s safety.Even if the tension caused by the climax will not affect the fetus, because the main climax is the contraction of the vagina and anal sphincter. This prospective mother should not worry about it.

4. Pay attention to sexual life

First of all, take good safety measures. Wearing a condom is a kind of protection for pregnant mothers to avoid infecting some pathogenic bacteria and affect the health of pregnant mothers.The second is to choose a safe position. For example, the female upper and lower positions, side, and back sitting positions should not be paid to not too large. Do not compress the abdomen to avoid harming the fetus in the abdomen.Finally, we must respect the pregnant mother, because 70%of women during pregnancy will have a low sexual desire, coupled with the discomfort of the body. Without the mind, the husband must be considerate of the pregnant mother.

Therefore, the prospective father must relax. As long as the pregnant mother is healthy, the two people are in good condition, and there is no problem in the same room during pregnancy. Just pay attention to moderate.If you find that pregnant mothers are not suitable to stop in time, remember 3 months in the early stages of pregnancy: the same room is strictly prohibited, and after 36 weeks: the same room is strictly prohibited.Try not to have a husband and wife life in the early and third trimester of pregnancy, so as not to cause accidents.

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