Can I go out during pregnancy?The answer is different from what you think

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Yesterday, a pregnant mother who had a good relationship asked me: I have been pregnant for five months. Recently, my husband had a holiday vacation and proposed that the family went out to travel.Neither my mother -in -law and my mother wanted to let go, worried that they would be tired.I am also afraid that I can’t keep up with my strength, and I am tired of traveling or walking.Coupled with my frequent urination, I am really worried that I can’t find the toilet at that time.But I was too boring during pregnancy. I finally had a chance to go out to play. I was also very exciting. My husband did not want to waste the New Year leave.Can pregnant women go out to travel?

Well, although going out to travel is nothing more than relaxing.Compared with usual, just go to a strange place to eat and travel.But for pregnant mothers, it is still very attractive.So can I go out during pregnancy?

If it is early and in the early pregnancy, it is generally not recommended to go out to avoid the risk of abortion or premature birth.In the second trimester (April -July), the fetal development is relatively stable, which is the best time to travel.However, even in the second trimester of pregnant mothers, before planning to travel, it is best to consult a doctor who is usually responsible to find out whether his current physical condition is suitable for going out.If it is okay, it is not possible, but it is more troublesome and there are certain risks, so be careful.

Here are reminding pregnant mothers that if there is a history of abortion, premature birth, hypertension during pregnancy, diabetes, and varicose veins in the lower limbs, it is best not to travel easily.

Of course, it is not to say that pregnant mothers without these symptoms can play wildly. The following places also need to pay special attention:

Avoid the peak tourism

Pregnant mothers should try not to travel on holidays, and are not recommended to travel long distances.Otherwise, the attractions will usually be crowded, no matter where you go, it will be crowded.In this way, the effect of relaxation is not available at all, but it is easier to feel tired.Not only is the pregnant mother who is unhappy along the way, but also the accompanying person who takes care of the pregnant mother is also very hard.

Choose traffic and convenient for medical treatment

It is best to choose a slightly closer place during pregnancy. Try not to go to islands, places with inconvenience, dangerous traffic, or places like Tibet.Otherwise, once an accident occurs, it is difficult to find the hospital for medical treatment in time.

Pay attention to rest on the way

If it is a self -driving tour, it is best to get out of the car for a while every 1 hour and walk back and forth.If you take a high -speed rail or airplane, it is best to understand the location of the bathroom in advance.And if conditions permit, you can walk around the road for 10 minutes per hour.If it is not convenient to walk, the pregnant mother should not be too wayward, and you can do some exercises to stretch your body in the seat.


You must pay attention to diet hygiene when you go out, do not eat cold food, and avoid diarrhea.In addition, pregnant mothers should drink plenty of water and carry some fruits with them.


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