Can I dye my hair during pregnancy?How to pick skin care products?Understand these issues, you can also be beautiful during pregnancy

A healthy baby & beautiful self is the eternal trouble of every pregnant mother.If the baby does not apply pink daisy every day, I always feel too sacrifice. If you decide to be "pregnant", you must be "beautiful".

According to media reports, a pregnant mother who needs to make up daily due to work has a history of abortion, which occurs in a pioneering abortion at the second pregnancy to 3 months.Small head malformations, low intelligence and so on.

It was found that the baby’s chromosome was distorted. The urine of the mother and child contained high concentration "mercury". The doctor suspected that this was related to the "whitening cosmetics" commonly used by the pregnant mother …

Pregnant women are not available for cosmetics, nor are they unable to use anything. How to choose and how to use is the key.Mom Vivi compiled "how to safe skin care during pregnancy."

The 14 major issues of the fans have the most inquiry

Quickly answer, please look at it carefully ~

Focus on

1. The skin care of pregnant women, the simpler the cosmetics, the better.

2. The ingredients are only safe, the better the foundation.

3. The skin troubles left during pregnancy will be resolved until the baby is born.

4. If the cosmetics packaging has been indicated that "pregnant women are disabled and used with caution", then do not use it.

1. Can pregnant women dye their hair?

Answer: Try to avoid.

Although there is no clear medical research at present, it is risky for pregnant women’s hair dyeing, but existing animal experiments have shown that chemicals in some hairdressing products have the possibility of terators.

Moreover, if you go to the hair salon dye, whether you use a safe and qualified hair dye is still unknown.Therefore, for safety reasons, pregnant women should try to avoid hair dyeing.

2. Can pregnant women apply lipstick?

Answer: Try to avoid.

Even the qualified lipstick produced by regular big names, more than 60%of its "lead"."Lead" is a kind of heavy metal, and pregnant women are extremely sensitive to heavy metals.Although some studies have stated that pregnant women will "eat" 4 lipsticks one day, they will "lead poisoning", but in order to prepare for pregnancy without psychological burden, try to avoid lipstick.

If you need to use it, you should remember to wipe it out before drinking or eat to prevent harmful substances from entering the body.

3. Can pregnant women apply sunscreen?

Answer: Yes.And it is necessary.

Women’s skin is in a unstable state during pregnancy. The changes in hormone levels in the body will cause the skin to grow some pigmentation or melasma. If you find that you grow, you don’t have to be surprised.

However, in addition to the role of hormones, the ultraviolet rays in the sun also play a role in helping the pigmentation, so they still cannot give up sun protection when preparing.

4. How does pregnant women sunscreen?

Answer: The preferred physical sunscreen method.

In fact, the guidelines for pregnant women’s sun protection and baby sunscreen are roughly the same, that is, "safety -based", so the first choice is the "physical sunscreen method", that is, to avoid going out during the strong period of sunlight; secondThe sunscreen supplies such as long -sleeved thin shirt jackets "cover, cover, block" the sun.

Finally, when selecting sunscreen, please choose sunscreen mainly based on physical sunscreens such as "titanium dioxide" or "zinc oxide".

5. Can pregnant women use "cosmetics"?

Answer: It is not necessary, choose a qualified cosmetics produced by regular brands.

The concept of "cosmeceutical" comes from European and American countries. It refers to cosmetics with drug nature. The essential attributes are cosmetics, not drugs.

Its main use is beauty skin care and promoting skin health, solving mild skin problems.According to relevant laws and regulations in my country, cosmetics are divided into two categories: "special use cosmetics" and "non -special use cosmetics". There are no categories of "cosmeceuticals".

6. Can pregnant women use "acne cosmetics"?

Answer: Try to avoid.

At present, most acne cosmetics on the market contain "salicylic acid" or "fruit acid" ingredients. Both types of substances are irritating to the skin, and some medical research has confirmed that a large amount of salicylic acid during pregnancy can lead to teratogenic tires, butDuring the current period of not pregnancy, salicylic acid can lead to adverse reactions in pregnant women.

Therefore, for the sake of safety, if you have acne during pregnancy, you should first consult a dermatologist before deciding how to "acne". After all, "acne" is also a skin disease.

7. Can pregnant women use "anti -wrinkle cosmetics"?

Answer: Try to avoid.

Some of the active ingredients of "anti -wrinkle cosmetics" have been confirmed by medicine that can lead to terators, such as "vitaminic acid".If you are not pregnant, you don’t have a big problem with daily application. If you are a quasi -mothers, you can still do n’t need it.Although only a small amount of "vitamin acid" in external cosmetics can be absorbed by the human body, it is difficult to protect that there will be individual differences.

8. Can pregnant women use "whitening cosmetics"?

Answer: Try to avoid.

As mentioned earlier, expectant mothers will have spots due to hormones and sun exposure during pregnancy, but unfortunately, you are not suitable for "whitening cosmetics" during pregnancy.

Not to mention some whitening cosmetics that are unknown or fake and inferior may contain heavy metals such as "lead" and "mercury", and even the qualified "whitening cosmetics" of regular brands may contain "hydrogen cymbals" and "curvic acid" in their formulas.When you may have risks for women during pregnancy, although you are safe when you use them when you are not pregnant, the expectant mothers should "whiten" or wait until the baby is born.Moreover, most women’s stains will gradually fade after childbirth.

9. Can pregnant women use "nail polish"?

Answer: Try to avoid.

Nail polish usually contains "phthalate". Some medical studies have shown that when women are pregnant with male fetuses, if they often contact cosmetics containing "phthalate", such as nail polish, gum or other chemistrySynthetic products such as paint will affect the development of their reproductive organs. The male baby’s penis has a shorter penis and the testicular decline is not complete. Although the study needs to be improved, it is still for the life blessing of the "little guy" in your belly.Let the nails "original ecology".

10. Can pregnant women use "sweat -proof agent"?

Answer: Try to avoid.

The effective ingredients of sweat -proof agents are "alum" and "aluminum chloride". Some medical research has shown that pregnant women are exposed to chlorine -containing environments that may cause abnormal tires or fetal intellectual development.Large, but there is no clear data that it shows how much sweat -proof agent is applied to have this adverse effects. Therefore, for your baby, you can "academic success" in the future. Please avoid using sweat -proof agent during pregnancy.

11. Can pregnant women use cosmetics to prevent "stretch marks"?

Answer: No cosmetics can "prevent" or "remove" stretch marks.

Whether it is stretching cream/lotion/massage cream, or olive oil/cocoa oil/XX essential oil.For the healthy development of the fetus in your abdomen, please do not apply it on your stomach during pregnancy.

12. Is "special cosmetics for pregnant women" reliable?

Answer: Not reliable.

At present, my country does not have relevant standards for "special cosmetics for pregnant women", and its ingredients and additives are implemented in accordance with the requirements of ordinary daily chemical products.

Therefore, whether its effect is significant, whether the ingredients are really "natural" are not standard to find, everything is "self -talk" for manufacturers’ advertisements, and some expectant mothers are at most to spend money to buy psychological comfort.

13. Is pregnant women suitable for "pure natural cosmetics"?

Answer: There is no such thing as "pure natural cosmetics".

In the "Guidelines for the Consumption Guidelines for Whitening Beauty and Skin Care Products" jointly released by the China Consumers Association and China Fragrant Cosmetics Industry Association, it has been pointed out that "pure natural cosmetics" is not credible, but it is just a promotional gimmick for merchants.

Under normal circumstances, cosmetics are made from a variety of chemical ingredients. Among them, the most proportion of ingredients is usually removed ionic water. According to different product types, other ingredients may be added, such as silicone oil, hard fat acid, flavors, preservatives, etc.Relatively speaking, the "natural plant ingredients" are only a small part of them, relying on these cosmetics that cannot be sold.

Therefore, once a cosmetic manufacturer claims that his product is "pure natural", the expectant mothers have to polish their eyes and be careful of being illegal.

14. What should pregnant women use skin care?

Answer: Glycerin.

In fact, the most ordinary and cheapest glycerin is the best cosmetics for expectant mothers.

Glycerin has a good moisturizing and moisturizing function, and does not contain any irritating ingredients, good safety, and does not hurt the fetus.Even the prospective mothers with sensitive skin can be used with confidence, and medical glycerin can be bought in major pharmacies. Use glycerin and pure water to mix with 1:20 to use.

The most important thing for having a child is that the child is healthy and you are happy.If you are always frightened by the bottle of bottle, it is not as good as you do n’t apply it. Drinking plenty of water, more vegetables and fruits are more beneficial to the skin.

Moreover, all pregnant mothers eat, drink, wear, and use things during pregnancy will affect the baby in the abdomen. There are indeed some bad components that will be absorbed by your body unknowingly.To accurately identify chemists with all kinds of harmful substances, it is best to avoid risky cosmetics.

Vivi mothers are cautious about most pregnant women with "cosmetics". I hope that pregnant mothers must be careful for their babies, and don’t be easily blinded by some seductive cosmetics advertisements.

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