Can I drink honey water during pregnancy?Can I drink it after giving birth?Listen to the doctor

Can I drink honey water during pregnancy?Can pregnant women drink Siwu Decoction?Can I drink it after giving birth?Listen to what the doctor says.

What is Siwu Decoction?The purpose of drinking Siwu Tang?

Many people have the habit of drinking Siwu Decoction.There are four types of traditional Chinese medicinal materials as the name suggests, namely: Angelica, Chuanxiong, Cooked Land, Baiji.Angelica can nourish blood and promote blood; Chuanxiong can promote blood circulation and qi; cooked land can nourish yin and nourish blood; white peony can nourish blood and condense yin.Siwu Decoction has the effect of warm -up. The combination of these 4 Chinese medicinal materials has the functions of supplementing (blood supplement, nourishing blood) and moving (promoting blood circulation, promoting blood circulation). Chinese medicine usually uses menstrual diseases such as menstruation for female patients.Treatment of blood deficiency and anemia.When maintenance, just drink about 2 or 3 payments (drink 1 payment 1 day); but if you want to achieve treatment, such as: anemia, blood deficiency, and discharge of menstrual periods, Chinese medicine must still be allowed to adjust the dose based on personal constitution and symptoms to adjust the dose according to personal constitution and symptoms.And prescription ingredients.In addition, if it is hot, inflamed in the body, or a cold, it is not advisable to drink Siwu Decoction, so as not to be more serious.

Can I drink Siwu Decoction during pregnancy?

Although it may vary from person to person, most pregnant women are not suitable for taking Siwu Decoction by themselves.Because there is a Chinese medicinal material with blood circulation in Siwu Decoction, if the dosage is large, there may be risk of abortion and premature birth. It is not recommended to drink it.If you need to drink Siwu Decoction during pregnancy, be sure to ask Chinese medicine first. It is not recommended to take traditional Chinese medicine by yourself during pregnancy (a few cases may still prescribe Siwu Decoction for pregnant women.Anemia is more serious, but the dosage of Siwu Decoction may be adjusted or replaced with some Chinese medicinal materials … etc.).In addition, because the four -object soup is a warm supplement, people with hot constitutions are not suitable for drinking Siwu Decoction. Most of the pregnant women are relatively hot and hot. If you add more, you may add fire, and it is easy to dry and insomnia, constipation.

Can I drink Siwu Decoction after giving birth?

You can drink Siwu Decoction after giving birth, but it also depends on the conditioning time point and situation.Because traditional Chinese medicine has a established order for the conditioning of confinement, it is mainly the main discharge of evil stasis in the early stage of delivery. For example, using traditional Chinese medicine biochemical soup to help the uterus shrink, so drinking Siwu soup too early after birth may affect the discharge of evil exposure excretion.; If you want to drink Siwu Decoction to replenish qi and blood, it is best to wait for at least 2 to 3 weeks after giving birth, and it is best to use Chinese medicine to make a doctor’s advice based on your personal physique.

What is the effect of drinking honey water?

As a health food, honey is flat in nature, and has the function of nourishing and moisturizing and moisturizing intestines.Help help to defecate, moisturize throat cough.

Can I drink honey water during pregnancy?

Except for babies before the age of 1, try to avoid drinking honey water as much as possible (because the botulinum bacteria of honey have a greater impact on babies), others can drink; pregnant women can drink it in moderation if they want to drink honey water.Generally, the commercially available honey is generally safe; however, the mother mycorus honey is also extracted by honey, but it is more suitable for pregnant women. It is not suitable for pregnant women;Too much royal jelly.

In addition to the mother grass honey and royal jelly, although pregnant women can still drink honey water made of ordinary honey in moderation, it should be noted that the honey is also sugar, and it will quickly increase blood sugar. If there is diabetes or gestational diabetes, it is not recommended to drink honey too much by themselves.water.If you have any questions, ask the doctor.In addition, if you want to drink honey water after giving birth, if there are no problems such as diabetes, gastric ulcers, there is no special restriction on drinking, but the amount should be appropriate.

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