Can hepatitis B carry marriage and have children?Dr. Liver Diseases talks about how to do hepatitis B

When people reach the age of marriage and marriage, they have to find the object. The object is looking for. Before the official decision is to come together, a "official approval letter" is needed, which is the marriage certificate.Before applying for a marriage certificate, in order to understand the health status of each other, the state recommends consciously doing a health check before marriage.

Many people will have a variety of troubles after the marriage examination discovers hepatitis B: men are worried that hepatitis B will be inherited, women are worried about the spread of hepatitis B, only one hepatitis B is worried about the other party and family, and some people think that hepatitis B cannot be married and cannot get married andBirth … So what should I do?Dr. Long made a professional popular science on the marriage and childbirth of hepatitis B today.

Hepatitis B

Hepatitis B is a systemic disease mainly caused by liver damage caused by hepatitis B virus infection, which belongs to the legal class B infectious disease in my country.There are more than 90 million hepatitis B virus carriers in China, of which 20 or 30 million may belong to patients with chronic hepatitis B who need to be treated.

Hepatitis B is mainly transmitted through sex, blood and mother and baby.The trace of hepatitis B virus can be infected through the damage of the skin or mucosa.In mainland China, most of the chronic hepatitis B virus infection is transmitted through maternal and infants.There are about 30 million women in the fertility age in China, and the carrying rate of hepatitis B virus is about 6%to 8%. The correct response to hepatitis B is related to the national economy and people’s livelihood and family happiness.

HBV is very common

Marriage -related laws are not prohibited from getting married, including carriers of Sanyang and hepatitis B virus.The medical disease stipulated in the marriage law considers not to marry, mainly refers to severe genetic diseases and specified infectious diseases and related mental illness.The specified infectious diseases specified in this part clearly listed the unsupported anesthesia disease. For patients with non -cured syphilis, gonorrhea and other patients with sexually transmitted diseases, it is stipulated that it is not suitable for marriage.

Regardless of whether the man or the woman has hepatitis B, in the case of physical conditions, men can make the woman conceive and pass by the woman. Women can have a fertility without affecting their health and being able to get pregnant smoothly.

Hepatitis B carriers are protected by marriage law

Some people have known that hepatitis B is before the marriage check, and some people may have discovered hepatitis B for the first time. When facing a marriage event, some people have to face reality.When I start to consciousness as a HBV infected person, the important thing to do is to evaluate the current status of liver function with the doctor.

The comprehensive assessment of the liver function of chronic HBV infection, including complete medical history, physical examination, judgment and severity of liver disease activity, and testing of HBV infection logo.

In addition, the direct relatives of HBV infected people also detect HBV serum science logo, such as hepatitis B surface antigen (HBSAG), hepatitis B surface antibody (HBSAB), and core antibodies (HBCAB). If these logo are negative, it is recommendedvaccine.

[Significance of severe evaluation of liver disease]

In the clinic, patients often held two pairs of hepatitis B and half a test, asking, "Am I serious?" There were also people who saw that the value of hepatitis B virus nucleic acid (HBV DNA) was very high, thinking that the condition was very serious.In fact, only these examinations cannot judge the severity of liver disease, and it can only show that hepatitis B infection and infectiousness can be explained.

Evaluation of severe liver disease can identify patients who need to treat and monitor hepatocytate (HCC).

【What needs to be done to check?.

In the hospital, doctors will do some preliminary physical examinations, such as observing whether there are skin, mucous membranes, and eye sclera turning yellow, no liver palms and spider moles, whether there is a swollen liver and spleen, no tenderness and pain.

The most important thing is blood and biochemical testing. Examination items and indicators related to liver disease include: gifda aminotransferase (ALT), cottage transaminase (AST), glutamyl rigidase (GGT), alkaline phosphatase (ALP),Total bile acid, bilirubin (total bilirubin = direct bilirubin+indirect bilirubin), serum albumin and globulin, whole blood cell count (most importantly platelet count), nail protein, glycryase originalTime (PT), choline, triglyceride and total cholesterol, and so on.

It is recommended that all patients check the upper abdomen color Doppler ultrasound (including liver, gallbladder, spleen and ascites) to understand the size and shape of the liver, whether there are nodules, lumps, ascites, etc.

When the results of the biochemical and HBV logo examination cannot be determined, the pathological examination of liver through liver tissue or non -invasive examination can determine the activity of liver disease.

Non -invasive examinations are more popular, including the detection of liver hardness test and liver fibrosis.The application of instantaneous elastic imaging has many studies, and it seems that it can provide a good accurate basis for diagnosis for the progressive liver fibrosis.Non -invasive examinations are more meaningful than confirming the presence of liver cirrhosis in the diagnosis of hardrimization of liver cirrhosis or progressive fibrosis.However, the result of instantaneous elastic imaging may be affected by the severe hepatitis activity with high AlT.

Do a good job of testing of hepatitis B

[Examination of hepatitis B virus E antigen (HBEAG) and E antibody (HBEAB)]

The difference between the big Sanyang and Xiao Sanyang that people usually call: Da Sanyang is HBEAG positive, and Xiao Sanyang is HBEAG negative; HBEAG positive generally means that the virus is active and contagious.Da Sanyang and Xiaosanyang are also called HBEAG -positive chronic HBV infections and HBEAG negative chronic HBV infections.

[Detection of serum HBV DNA level]

HBV DNA level is a direct sign of infectious size, and high -infectivity is high in replication.HBV DNA testing can also help diagnose and determine the stage of HBV infection to decide what treatment methods to take, and instruct future patients’ health care.However, HBV DNA is not proportional to the severity of liver disease. Do not see the high value as soon as you see the high value, you are anxious to descend. The decision to treat not only looks at this value.

[Quantitative testing of serum HBSAG]

Because HBSAG’s quantitatives often appear in the report form at a high value, it is also a problem that hepatitis B virus infection is very concerned.No drugs can clearly reduce the value of this indicator.However, sometimes HBSAG quantitative monitoring is very useful, especially for HBEAG negative chronic HBV infections and patients with interferon α (IFNα), HBSAG’s continuous prognosis is good.

【HBV genotype】

When evaluating the condition for the first time, the HBV genotype is not necessary.However, when screening patients with IFNα treatment, prognostic information can be provided when HBV genotype is predicted to predict the patient’s response to interferon and the risk of HCC (HBV genotype C should be paid attention to).

[Screening for hepatitis B merging disease]

After discovering HBV infection, to see if there are other liver diseases, such as alcoholic liver disease, autoimmune liver disease, metabolic liver disease with fatty liver; chronic liver diseases for other reasons should also be fully eliminated, including diced hepatitis virus(HDV), hepatitis C virus (HCV), Hepatitis A virus (HAV), pentalitis virus (HEV), and HIV (HIV) infection and so on.

Hepatitis B vaccine

In actual life, you will encounter various problems, such as: men have hepatitis B and women do not, women have hepatitis B and men do not, both men and women have hepatitis B. No matter what the situation is, if both sides have liver function, there is no problem, there is no problem with the liver function, there is no problem with the liver function of both sides, there is no problem with the liver function, there is no problem with the liver function of both sides, there is no problem with the liver function, there is no problem with the liver function, there is no problem with the liver function, there is no problem with the liver function, there is no problem with the liver function, and there is no problem with the liver function of both sides.The best thing that does not need to be treated and the best thing that can be done is to protect the party without infection. Generally, he needs to injected hepatitis B vaccine immediately.Before that, sexual life is best to use condoms to effectively prevent the spread of hepatitis B.

Hepatitis B virus carriers are a chronic virus infection, and the sexual life of healthy carriers is not affected.However, for patients with chronic hepatitis B, sexual life is a question that I and even their spouses are very concerned.Patients often ask: How much is the frequency of hepatitis B sex?What are the dangers of fatigue after sexual life or even unwell in the liver area?So, what kind of impact does hepatitis B have on sex life?

[Sexual life on the health of hepatitis B carriers]

Sexual life is an important part of the life of husband and wife. It not only affects the quality of personal life, but also has the harmony of family.However, during sexual life, patients are highly excited, blood circulation accelerates, blood pressure, increased pulse, and rapid breathing, which will increase the working load of organs such as heart and liver.

The data proves that the energy consumed by active and medium -sized sex life is 1200 calories per hour per kilogram, which is equivalent to participating in a 100 -meter sprint competition.Such a large physical consumption is extremely unfavorable for patients with liver disease who need to rest and nutrition.

I have also seen an example of reality.A newly married patient with chronic hepatitis B, due to fatigue, loss of appetite, jaundice, and liver function, admitted to the hospital. After treatment with anti -inflammatory, liver, antiviral and other treatment, appetite and physical strength improved significantly.Because of the long hospital, I felt boring, and I couldn’t help taking a spouse to stay in the hotel.As a result, after sexual life, patients felt sore muscles, and the liver function transaminase index rebounded again. The condition worsened, and the two regretted it.

This is one of the few lessons that occur in patients with hepatitis activity.However, for hepatitis B carriers with normal liver function, normal sexual life has no effect.As for the frequency, do not feel fatigue.Even patients with hepatitis, after reasonable treatment, patients with chronic liver disease who have completely relieved their condition and normal liver function are not taboo for sex.

Harmony life, healthy life

[Marriage and Education Life Healthcare of patients with chronic hepatitis B]

1. Treat your own disease correctly in mind, and actively treat the antiviral treatment.

2. Maintain optimism. For patients with hepatitis, as the condition improves, physical recovery, endocrine balance, and sexual function will gradually normal.

3. When the hepatitis seizures, the sexual life should be properly controlled.

4. Even in normal people, individual differences are very large. Do not think that hepatitis B is "inadequate". Sexual desire and ability performance are related to many factors.Good realm.

Hepatitis B is a infectious disease, not a genetic disease, and hepatitis B will not be inherited to his child.Because hepatitis B can be transmitted through maternal and infants, female hepatitis B has the possibility of close contact with the baby through pregnancy, production and postpartum, and infects children.However, with the implementation of hepatitis B maternal and baby blocking measures, the probability of maternal and infant transmission has become smaller and smaller.

Maternal and baby blocking can successfully prevent newborns B hepatitis B

For the specific implementation method of hepatitis B mother and baby block, please read other articles on the homepage of Dr. Long’s liver disease class. The link is as follows:

How high does pregnant woman HBVDNA need to take antiviral patients and baby block?When can the hepatitis B woman pregnant after giving birth: How can they not only protect themselves and prevent hepatitis B to children?

It is recommended that hepatitis B virus carriers review liver function, B -ultrasound and A fetal protein every 3 to 4 months, and review the two pairs of semi -semi -quantitative examinations of hepatitis B virus DNA and hepatitis B every 6 months to one year.

Hepatitis B virus should pay attention to avoid tiredness after marriage. Do not stay up late. It is not recommended to drink and smoke, maintain good living habits, and ensure sleeping time for more than 8 hours a day.At the same time, when talking about hepatitis B, we must maintain a good attitude.

Finally, Dr. Long here warmly reminds friends of the majority of hepatitis B virus:

Detection of hepatitis B and not panic,

Check the liver to estimate health;

Boyfriend B is not inherited,

Female mother and baby can block.


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