Can breast pain during pregnancy?

When Wen Pei sat down, he couldn’t wait to say, Dr. Chen, this is not easy to see three months of pregnancy, but recently I have troubled again. This period of time was very uncomfortable.Is it painful? Is it related to pregnancy?Is the child normal?

I didn’t wait for me to speak, Xiao Na spoke aside, Wenpei, you go back first, the dean will be busy at this time, and will write you a science article at night. This ghost girl will give me a task again.After dinner, took a walk back and replied some comments.

Due to the changes in hormone levels in the body after pregnancy, most of them can cause breast pain. Generally, these symptoms will be relieved or disappeared after the body adapts.Bloating is determined by each person’s physique. The pregnancy reaction is also early and late, and the individual has a large difference.Normal pregnancy is generally in early pregnancy, but it is not continued to have it throughout pregnancy.

The relationship between chest pain and pregnancy is not very large. Some people also have bloating when menstruation comes.

Generally speaking, the breasts are swollen in the earliest weeks of pregnancy, or tingling and tenderness. The breasts increased significantly after pregnancy and increased with the month.

Breast pain is one of the earliest signs of pregnancy. It usually starts from 4 to 6 weeks and continues the entire early pregnancy (3 months before pregnancy).Due to changes in hormones during pregnancy, the blood flow increases and the breast tissue changes, which may make the pregnant mother feel swelling, sore breast, tingling, and sensitive to touching abnormalities.Pregnant mothers describe this feeling very much like the feeling of breast tenderness before menstruation, but it will be more intense.

This is due to the increase in estrogen and progesterone. Both the breast gland and the glands of the breasts are hyperplasia.Called Mongolian nodules.If there is no stomach pain and no bleeding, it does not matter if the chest rises or does not rise. It means that the fetus is still normal. The child’s health is not directly related to your breast.

That is to say, in the early stages of pregnancy, breast swelling, increased nipples, obvious veins under breast skin, breast tingling, expansion and itching may also occur, and the color of the nipples and areola deepen.Pregnant mothers’ breasts will become extremely sensitive, and even feel painful, mainly due to the rising hormone level in the body.When the pregnant mother enters the middle and late pregnancy, this situation will gradually disappear naturally as the body gradually adapts to the level of hormones.

Breast bloating is normal, so there is no need to do special treatment.But after pregnancy, loose underwear, such as pregnant women, to reduce the oppression of the breast.When choosing a suitable bra, the right bra should have the characteristics that can be ease at will.As the bust increases, the size of the bras needs to be adjusted accordingly. The correct position where the bras support the nipple should be the horizontal position between the nipple connection between the elbow and the shoulder to prevent the breast from pulling the bra to the back.At the same time, wash the breasts with warm water every day, and do not cause the nipple irritation or soreness when scrubbing.In the last 3 months of pregnancy, you can use dry towels to rub the nipples to enhance the toughness of the nipple, which helps prevent the nipple rupture.After cleaning the breast, it is best to apply a small amount of olive oil to the nipples, and gently rotate the nipples with index finger and thumb.

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