Cai Xukun’s studio urgently recruited legal affairs, and his girlfriend was exposed when he was exposed in one night.

Cai Xukun was suddenly exposed to the relationship with Ms. C, which caused the other party to become pregnant. After that, he was unwilling to directly let the other party give birth alone. The relevant situation quickly caused heated discussion among netizens.Subsequently, some media broke the news that Cai Xukun’s mother obtained the woman’s information illegally, and things were continuously fermented.

After the relevant situation was revealed, Cai Xukun’s studio had not responded, and netizens still discussed this matter.At present, some netizens have found that Cai Xukun’s studio suddenly began to recruit legal personnel in urgent recruitment. The release time was not a few hours before the storm fermentation, which was likely to deal with the crisis of public opinion.And the requirements are mentioned in the law and regulations familiar with the entertainment industry, if you have priority admission to related work in the studio.

After reading this recruitment information, netizens couldn’t help asking who was doing it. If it was really to deal with the storm, it was a temporary hugging feet, and some fans scolded the studio too shameful.

In addition to urgent recruitment of legal affairs, there are some new contents about the storm itself. Pervanta Gusqi also appeared in the live broadcast room. The news mentioned that Ms. C’s age was mentioned. Papaya said that she was nine years older than Cai Xukun.It’s very beautiful, that is, older.In addition, the two were still distressed to fans in the live broadcast room, thinking that fans were a bit pitiful.

In addition to the above, paparazzi clearly mentioned that although Cai Xukun did not respond, he would have to come forward sooner or later, because he would continue to break the news next, and there was another mysterious lover.

In fact, before the paparazzi broke the news, many netizens remembered the various news that had been passed before. First of all, a chat history. The general content was that the top -flow male artist had a big female fan’s belly, and hired someone to follow the woman.The records mentioned information such as "hiring private detective tracking" and "miscarriage", and the previous breaking news can be the same.

In addition, there is another detail in the chat record that it is worthy of attention. That is, the lady was followed by the police. The private detective gave this male artist, but because it was not enough to quantify the standard, it could only be put.The corner of the previously exposed chat history is just a coincidence that it is mentioned that the relevant content of myself in the police station is also a coincidence.

In addition, there was a netizen who did not hold back the post after seeing the hot search saying that when Cai Xukun had a relationship with this Ms. C, he was not single. There was a circle of Bai Fuli girlfriend outside the circle.So it would not be published, but it was simply vomiting.At present, this netizen has not posted more other information, but many of the previous Weibo mentioned Cai Xukun. She also said: "From love to dislikes only need to destroy the three views." As for this news brokeThe authenticity, let’s testify freely.

After Cai Xukun was exposed to a relationship with Ms. C and letting the other party abortion, various information pointed out that his private life was chaotic, especially the breaking news mentioned that it was suspected of derailment. As an idol, the most basic thing was not to manage well.Is your behavior set a good example for young fans?It is not regulated that your behavior is arbitrarily turned over in the morning and evening.

At present, paparazzi is still continuously discharged, indicating that the second bouncing melon is greater. For the storms and influences of continuous fermentation, Cai Xukun has not yet responded to any response. I hope that whether it is given to fans to explain or apologize to the public, it can be as soon as possible.Intersection

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