Blind Massage Master: My dream is composed of a variety of different voices

Based on Bi Feiyu’s novel "The Mass", the characters in the same name are adapted from the same name. The characters in the picture are all blind masseuses in the movie.

One day in the New Year, I went to massage, and talked to Bi Feiyu’s novel "Passenger" with the blind master who gave me a massage. He said: "I have read this book and wrote very well.It can be written in this way, it must have a deep contact with the blind! "

The master’s surname is money, with good skills and responsibility, so every time I go to, I will make an appointment for him, and he will not go without me.

I have heard him chatting with his colleagues before, plus occasionally to pull him a few words, knowing that he was in 1993, congenital and blind, and graduated from the blind massage school. Now he is studying for a college in a blind school in Hangzhou.Skilled, I just learned to reinstall the computer some time ago.

But before this simple understanding, I talked about "Gattle" yesterday. I told him that "there are a lot of blind people’s living conditions in" Lauret ", but there are still many details to ask you.Picking the answer to help me answer, can he? "He agreed, and then opened the box.

"Master Qian, do you dream? Is it a picture or a sound in the dream?"

—— "Of course you can dream! There is no picture of our dreams, which is composed of a variety of different voices. It is the same as daily life in the dream.

"Do you have a nightmare?"

—— "The dream you will have, I guess I will do it, including the spring dream."

"So! Ask you again, what courses did the school teach when you were in school before?"

—— "Ideological and political accomplishment, Chinese, history, and then the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, and the method of massage."

"Then your college you are going to teach the same content?"

—— "I have many years of clinical experience now, and the foundation is no longer needed, so how to diagnose this massage?"

"What does diagnosis mean?"

—— "Diagnosis is to judge the different conditions of different guests. For example, it is a headache, but the causes of headaches for different guests are different. If you don’t know the diagnosis, you can massage the same.Professional diagnosis, find the reason, according to the right place, the method will be adjusted accordingly, and the effect will be very good. "

"So, understand! You just pressed the pain here, and it is precisely sour."

After a while, he took the initiative to ask me if I went back to my hometown for the New Year. I said that I hadn’t settled it, and the probability was that I couldn’t go back. In turn, he asked him if he went back.

He said, "I haven’t gone back for more than 10 years."

"Are your parents in Shanghai?"

—— "Yes, they are all in Shanghai."

"That’s true, it doesn’t matter if you go back. Like you are young, maybe grandparents and grandparents are still alive. Like me, they are gone, and they are mainly because my mother and brother and sister are still in my hometown." I am still in my hometown. "Iexplain.

—— "This is a bit complicated. I ca n’t avoid many people pointing when I go home, so I just do n’t go back.”

"Is your family a child?"

—— "Yes, just me."

"Well, we can have a second child over there."

—— "Our family also allows regeneration, but my parents think that if you regenerate one, I am afraid it is difficult to treat the same treatment.

"Then your parents are really amazing!"

Master Qian’s skin is fair, dressed, and clean and clear. If he didn’t know that he was a blind person, he would sit. At first glance, he couldn’t see that it was a blind person. Only by carefully observing can he find that his eyes are not like a visible person.There are also focus.Being able to be cleaned so clean, there was a pair of great parents hidden behind them.

—— "Actually, the reason why I can’t see is not a genetic defect. When my mother is with me, she goes to the town to see a doctor in the town. At that time, the doctor was actually a barefoot doctor.Mom extracted her teeth and gave her anesthetic. It is estimated that it was affected at that time. Later, she could not see it. She went to the large hospital for treatment. The doctor said that there was a problem with the bottom of the eyes. It is estimated that during pregnancy, the visual nerve development of the eyes was affected.At that time, when the electrotherapy, the best time, I could see the white piece, and there was a figure, but I couldn’t completely cure it, and I returned to the whole blind. "

"The barefoot doctor was really not easy to make. We had a barefoot doctor over there. He used to be an veterinarian. Later, he changed his career to be a human doctor.

—— "This person is really brave, and he is not afraid of making a lives!"

"The courage is on the one hand, and he is also lucky. However, in the conditions of the countryside, everyone has not done their lives as a life.We caught a cold when we were young. Parents asked us to eat medicines such as omitromycin, tetracycline, and amoxicillin. "

I thought of what he was studying again, and then jumped and asked him, "Do you have a textbook for the teacher in school? Or do you depend on it?"

—— "Those who have no textbooks are listening."

He went on to say, "I am also doing textbooks now, facing the computer every day, my head is big."

"What are you doing?"

—— "Many people I know do not know how to use the computer better. I am giving them tutorials."

"Is it the form of sorting into a sound?"

– "Yes, audio."

"You are so amazing, keep up with the technical trend!"

—— "Being a person, the most important thing is that you can’t be out of touch with the times, so I like to watch news and also like to visit various forums and social media." He also added, "Navigation is really a good thing. With navigation, go out outside, go out outside, go out outsideIt is too much too much! "

When I heard this, I wanted to ask his Weibo ID a little, but when I thought he was usually a person with a strong sense of sense, he didn’t want to contact the guests in depth, so I didn’t ask.

The massage was over. I said, "The same is the same. There was no navigation before. I felt that I was a fool when I went!"

Before leaving, I thought about it and lamented with him: "Actually, the blind people are no different from the visible people, but just feel the way the world is different. We depend on vision, and you depend on hearing. Just our world is more.It is built for people who depend on vision, so you are not very friendly to you who depend on hearing, bringing you a lot of inconvenience. "

He did not hesitate to reply to me: "You are right! But from my person, I don’t think there is any inconvenience, it may be a habit."

Leaving the massage shop, I think, maybe the real inconvenience, except for the incomplete auxiliary facilities such as blind roads that everyone usually says, the most important thing is that people always look at them with prejudice and point out.

Many times, our misunderstandings, discrimination, and sympathy for high, just because we do not know enough about misunderstandings, discrimination, and sympathy, and my understanding of the blind people starts with Bi Feiyu’s "Lauret". Bi Feiyu is in the book in the book.The love and hate of the blind people presented is their true life. For us, we understand that the blind people open a window, and his expression can also be recognized by the blind people.value.

Justin Lee, college teacher, now live in Shanghai

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