Black dizzy on the shoes on the shoes. Can’t Xiong Dailin see his dress?

Many girls will become very careful after pregnancy. Xie Na rarely appears in the public’s sight since pregnancy, but occasionally goes with friends.But Xiong Dailin has recently attended the event with his stomach, and it looks very cute.

Although the staff took care of her, she was still very happy and should be very good.

Sitting in the crowd, she still exposed her long legs, and she couldn’t see that she was pregnant at all. Whether it was in the state or dress, it was very cute.

In an interview, Xiong Dailin still put down his clothes to cover his thighs, maybe he was afraid of being cold.

She also said that wearing high heels was really a bit tired and even a little dizzy, but she could persist for beauty. She also said that she was afraid that her husband would blame herself.However, the design of this dress is indeed very three -dimensional, which makes people feel a little dizzy.

The body of BABY was also very good during pregnancy. I couldn’t see that I was pregnant at all in the early stage, and she was as cute as a girl.

Baby can not only attend the event during pregnancy, but also make a TV series, which is really dedicated.

Li Xiaolu, who has always been like Barbie doll, is very dreamy even during pregnancy. It seems that there is no difference except that the belly becomes larger.

Xiao S has been very bold during pregnancy. Even if you attend the event, you still wear tube tops. Are you afraid of being cold?

Coupled with a pair of hate, it really doesn’t look like pregnancy, but her figure is really good.

Da Mi Mi still pays great attention during pregnancy, not as little as usual as usual, but do what a mother should do.It’s just that this figure is still very good, it seems that the stomach is a bit bigger.

Since the variety show, many people have known the cute little humming, and Huo Siyan, who is a mother, is still very high, which is really envious.

However, she was really "extraordinary" during pregnancy, but she showed what a pregnant woman should have, and Du Jiang around her was also unable to discard her. She was really a model couple.

Fans did not dislike her fat, but supported her very much.

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