Bill Gates 26 -year -old daughter -in -law party, her belly is as big as a cricket or a female treasure, 58 -year -old mother Rong Guang is glowing

On December 22, local time, Jennifer Gates showed a set of photos on her social media. She was wearing a Burgundy semi -transparent skirt and holding her pregnant belly with both hands.Essence

According to Jennifer, who is 26 years old, she has just experienced a newborn gift meeting, and this warm party makes her look like she is in the cloud.

From the comments on the message board, it can also be known that that is indeed a perfect party. Almost all participants praise them. It can be seen that the organizer is really enough.And those who mentioned in Jennifer can know that the party was organized by her mother Melinda Gates for her.

Melinda, 58, wore a sleeveless skirt with flowers, participated in her daughter’s party, showing a sense of glory, even more eye -catching than Jennifer, who was under the "pregnant woman’s halo".From this point of view, Melinda, who has been more than a year after the divorce, lives very happily, and truly enjoys the life of nourishing the excellence.

Regarding the divorce with Microsoft’s founders, Melinda also disclosed to the outside world.According to her, it wasn’t something special that made her intolerable, but that many things were superimposed. "I slowly realized that I became unhealthy in this relationship, and I could no longer believe that I and Bill I hadeverything".

Of course, Mel Linda did not stay away from everything founded by Gates. From her Christmas sweater printed with the "CLIPPY" pattern, she appeared in front of the camera.It disappeared.

"Once upon a time, I was in the team of" big eye clamps ". After 26 years, he still tried to appear in my life." Melinda said with a little teasing tone.

(Perhaps for some people, "big eye clamp" is also a memory that cannot be wiped out, although his "life" is not in just 10 years)

Talk about the heroine Jennifer at the party!The size of her pregnant belly now can really be described as a big belly. In addition, a newborn gift meeting has been opened. It is estimated that the child will soon meet her.But like many European and American stars, even in the third trimester, Jennifer still did not give up high -heeled shoes, and how did the heel look 12 cm, it was really brave.

As for whether the baby who is breeding is a boy or a girl, Jennifer has not disclosed it, but the various pink gifts stacked from the Christmas tree can feel that Bill Gates’s first grandchildren should be a female treasure.And from the perspective of those pony toys, guests hope that the mixed -race cute baby born with "golden spoon" can inherit their parents’ love for equestrian.

Jennifer’s husband Nayer Nasar, an American vocational equestrian athlete, is said to be expected to participate in the Olympic Games, and has been working hard to participate.

Of course, people who can be seen by billionaires are also very superior. Nayer’s parents operate a construction company in Kuwait and have cooperative relationships with many well -known companies.Although the wealth value of the couple is compared with Bill Gates, it is a small witch, but it is by no means a pan -in.

In fact, you can learn equestrian from Nayer at a young age. His family conditions are superior, after all, this is not a mass movement.And Jennifer also likes equestrian, although her father did not buy her mobile phone (it is said that Gates banned children from using mobile phones before the age of 14), but gave her a $ 16 million (about 110 million RMB) manor as a manor as a manorPractice.

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