Big neck is not necessarily hyperthyroidism or thyroid inflammation

(Reporter Kuang Wei, correspondent Chen Shaowen) Will the thyroid inflammation?It turns out that the thyroid hormone is high and the neck enlargement is not necessarily hyperthyroidism, or it may be thyroiditis.Dr. Zhang Yinfen, the Department of Science and Technology of the First Affiliated Hospital of Xiamen University, reminded that the two are easily confused when they occur, and they need to be diagnosed.

A Chen (pseudonym) has been sore throat for a long time, her neck is becoming more and more swollen, and she has some difficulties in swallowing food, and often feel palpitated.Not only that, the family also found that Ah Chen became more irritable.The emergence of so many symptoms, A Chen himself felt wrong, so he went to the Department of Science and Technology of Siming Hospital of the First Affiliated Hospital of Xiamen University for consultation.

After the clinic doctor Zhang Yinfen was checked, he found that his thyroid hormone level was high."Am I guessing hyperthyroidism?" After hearing the results of the test, A Chen’s temper came up again, excited.Zhang Yinfen asked him in detail, while inquiring about his previous medical history, combined with the physical examination to determine that he was more likely to suffer from thyroiditis, and is currently in the stage of thyroid poison.After hearing the doctor’s patient explanation, A Chen’s emotions slowly calmed down.

Dr. Zhang Yinfen explained that the incidence of thyroiditis in the clinic is not low, which may cause thyroid poison.Too many thyroid hormones in the blood, which causes a series of clinical syndrome, can cause disease, pregnancy and drugs, radiation, and infection.Patients are prone to fatigue and fatigue, normally eat weight, but lose weight, uneven heartbeat, obvious anxiety, irritability, and accompanied by thyroid enlargement.When severe thyroid disease occurs, it may be life -threatening.

"Although thyroiditis is similar to the symptoms of hyperthyroidism, the diagnosis is also easy. Through the thyroid function, the iodine rate and thyroid color Doppler ultrasound can be determined. Patients should pay attention to it.Essence

Zhang Yinfen, a attending physician, a master’s degree, is a physician in the district department of Siming Hospital of Xiamen University. He has experienced experience in the treatment of general diseases such as elderly diseases and hypertension.

Source: Xiamen Evening News

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