Being pregnant, can expectant mothers use external medicines?

One day when a pharmacy came to a pregnant woman, the pharmacist who consulted the store: "I am a nurse of a hospital. I have been pregnant for 3 months. I had some small rashes on my body the day before yesterday.I am pregnant, and the symptoms are relatively mild, so the doctor did not prescribe medicine. But I felt itchy again, and there was no oral medicine, and I should have no relationship with the fetus.A external medicine rubbing the skin, but the colleagues in the unit say that my approach is wrong. May I ask the pharmacist, is my approach right? "

The pharmacist answered with a smile: "With the popularity of medical knowledge, many pregnant women are particularly careful to use medication during breastfeeding during pregnancy, but many people do not care so much about using this piece for external medicine! In factBecause external medicine can also be absorbed into the blood through the skin, causing fetal poisoning, causing damage to the nervous system and organs of the fetus or infants.It is said that I would never dare to use external medicine blindly.

Everyone knows that the first three months of pregnancy is the differential organs of the fetus, development, and formation. After three months, except for further development of the genitals and central nervous nerves, most organs of the fetus have been formed.Therefore, we can avoid medication as much as possible in three months of pregnancy.If you need to take medicine, pregnant women must ask professional doctors and pharmacists, and do not take medicine by themselves.So what are the external medicines that pregnant women need to use with caution?Let’s take a look at the major categories of external medicines that need to be used carefully.

1 glucocorticoids

Drugs are commonly used in skin diseases. They all have anti -inflammatory and anti -allergic effects. They can treat urticaria, eczema, dermatitis, etc.However, if women are used in large areas or long -term use during pregnancy, it can cause reduced infant adrenal cortex function and can be absorbed through the skin. It is distributed in a small amount of emulsion.In addition, these medicines can also cause amenorrhea and menstrual disorders, so women who want to give birth still recommend not to use it.

2 dimension A ointment

Vitamin A ointment can be used to treat acne, simple bran pityriasis on the face, aging, sunlight or pharmaceutical skin atrophy, cod ichlery, and various keratinized abnormalities and excessive skin diseases, psoriasis, etc.Although there is no evidence that the skin’s skin is used for abnormality, it is not advisable to conceive during the medication of childcare age.During the breastfeeding period, the medicine is suspended to prevent the baby from taking this preparation.

3 Ageloovir ointment

Agelovovir ointment is an antiviral external medicine, which is generally inhibited to copy the virus DNA. However, at the same time, the DNA polymerase of human cells also has inhibitory effects and affects the human DNA replication.Therefore, antiviral external drugs are used carefully during pregnancy.

4 hundred states Mapiro star ointment

Topical ointment is widely used in skin infection.However, some experts suggest that it is best not to use during pregnancy, because the polyethylene glycol in the ointment will be absorbed and accumulated by the whole body, which may produce a series of adverse reactions.

In short, women during pregnancy and lactation should be used under the guidance of doctors and pharmacists whether they use oral drugs or external medicines, so as to ensure the safety and effectiveness of medication.The pharmacists and salespersons of our pharmacy should also remind them when they encounter customers in this area when they buy these drugs.

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