Beef and yellow detoxification tablets are cleverly matched, eliminating an inflammatory, laryngitis, pneumonia, gastritis, hepatitis, can be used

Hello everyone, I am Dr. Hu. Today, Dr. Hu taught everyone to use beef and poisoning tablets to match other Chinese medicines to solve various inflammation on you. If you have inflammation, or pneumonia, hepatitis, gastroenteritis, etc.Look!

First of all, let’s take a look at why the beef and yellow detoxification tablets should be matched, because beef and yellow detoxification tablets can be called anti -inflammatory drugs in Western medicine. It can clear heat and detoxify, dispersing wind and swelling.IntersectionAdvanced Chinese medicine as the upper coke, liver, gallbladder, spleen and stomach, etc., kidney, bladder, large and small intestine, etc. are lower coke, and the combination is three focus, and the three coke contains the internal organs of your body.The so -called inflammation, Chinese medicine believes that it is caused by heat poison.

Seeing this, some friends may not understand why inflammation is heat poison.Because "thermal poison" on Chinese medicine refers to local redness and pain, and the "inflammation" on western medicine also refers to local redness and pain.So remove the heat poison in the body, and the inflammation naturally disappears.However, because everyone’s situation is different, the drug needs to be added and subtracted. Below I will introduce a few common mixes of beef and poisoning tablets to solve the "inflammation" on our body!

First of all, with Xiangsha Liujun Pills, like some friends are not very good, have inflammation, usually feel like there is a fire in the stomach, just want to eat some cold to cool down. I always want to drink water.Oral ulcers, the stomach is not indigestion, and the limbs are weak. At this time, you can refer to the use of a beef -yellow detoxification tablet with a fragrant sand Liujun pill. While clearing the heat and detoxifying, you can healthy temper and protect the stomach.

Then, you can also match the Xiaoyao Pill, which is suitable for those who usually like to sigh, unhappy, always want to lose your temper.Then you can refer to the use of beef and yellow detoxifying tablets with Xiaoyao Pills.

Finally, with Erchen Maru, like many friends, there are repeated oral ulcers, and they always cough and spit yellow sputum. This sputum is more and sticky, and often feels nausea of chest tightness, which is pneumonia caused by phlegm heat.You can refer to a Erchen pill.

As for friends with chronic pharyngitis, I always feel that there is something in my throat. I want to spit it out, but I ca n’t spit out or swallow.In this case, you can also refer to a throat.

Well, this is the content shared today, but you need to pay attention to it, the beef and detoxification tablets are relatively cold, not suitable for all friends.The situation is not recommended to take medicine without authorization.

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