Barbal tracting chlamydia is infected, often these four cases occur. I hope you have no one

When it comes to the germs of chlamydia, many people believe that many people will not be unfamiliar, because it appears very high in human reproductive tract, and it will pose a great threat to people’s health.For women with childbearing age, if this germ is accidentally infected, it will not only affect the health of sexual partners. If you are pregnant, the impact on the fetus is also very great.

Therefore, for the sexually transmitting disease caused by chlamydia infection of the sandylona, everyone must pay great attention. Don’t think it is a trivial matter, and don’t keep dragging all the time. Early treatment is essential for prognosis.Many people have insufficient understanding of this disease, so the best treatment time is delayed.So, what are the typical clinical manifestations of genital trachoma infection?These 4 points, everyone is better not to ignore it.

1. Clinical manifestations of male patients’ incubation period

If male patients accidentally infected the chlamydia, generally do not directly show typical clinical symptoms, because the condition needs to develop for some time. The main manifestations of the patient during this time are urethritis.Patients can feel that the urethral mucosa shows viscosity or mucus purulent secretions. When urination, the patient will also be accompanied by symptoms such as dysuria and urethral discomfort.

For male infections, symptoms such as epididymitis and prostatitis can also be manifested.

2. Clinical manifestations of female patients’ incubation period

Compared with men, women’s reproductive tract structures are different. For example, the urethra is relatively short, so once women infected the chlamydia of the sandylona, it is easy to induce cervicitis, vaginitis and other diseases.Disadvantages of adverse effects, so vaginal flora will still cause disorders, and patients will show leucorrhea abnormalities.For female patients who do not pay attention to treatment in the early days, they can also show obvious lower abdominal pain.

It is a woman who has been pregnant. The chances of premature birth, low birth weight, and premature fetal membrane will increase greatly, and it can also cause newborns to have diseases such as pneumonia and ophthalmitis.

3. Sexual intercourse

Many people often feel that they have private parts and sexual intercourse pain when they are in the same room. After going to the hospital for examination, they learned that they were infected with chlamydia.This shows that sexual intercourse pain is also a typical clinical manifestation of chlamydia infectious diseases of the sandylona. It is also true that many patients are indirectly spread. As long as the sexual partner is infected with this germ, the chance of the other party infection will be greatly great.Increase.

4. Complication

In addition to typical problems such as urethritis, epididymitis, and cervicitis, some patients also have accompanied concurrency symptoms, such as diarrhea and skin infection.The organ causes indirect effects.Therefore, for these lack of specific clinical manifestations, everyone usually needs to attach great importance to it, and pay more attention, especially the early unprecedented symptoms of early, and go to the hospital as soon as possible to determine the best treatment time.

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