Bai Gai’s father cooks for the little pregnant woman today recipe: green pepper fried meat, spinach mix fans, jade …

Make small pregnant women, two dishes and one soup, green pepper fried meat, spinach fans, corn pork rib soup.

Bai Bai’s dad made two dishes and one soup for young pregnant women.Today’s recipe: green pepper fried slices of spinach mixing fans.

· Corn pork rib soup.My ribs were soaked for two hours and changed the water three times, so you look at it so red, but this is not fishy.Then wash the ribs and dry it aside.

My two dishes and a soup are planned like this, because the child is now growing in his stomach, so there must be meat vegetables.Then there is a little constipation now, so you have to add a vegetarian dish, and then make a soup to make up for nutrition or something.It should have been thinking about making two dishes and one soup. As a result, it was not the case.If you see, you have to peel the garlic for a long time, you have to shoot, peel, and chopped, you can toss for a long time, and there are various pots. How can I use it and use it?You have to do not have to do it for a long time, but you can do it in two hours.This cooking is not so easy, this dish is basically prepared.

· I am ready to fry.This meat was thawed in the microwave oven. As a result, the time was a little bit cooked.First put the ribs in the water, put some ginger slices and onion sections, and wait for the ribs to burn the fire. After there is a foam on it, sprinkle it. Like me, it will be very clean.

The pork ribs were re -entered into the water, and two slices of ginger fire burned it. The water turned into low heat and simmer for 40 minutes.At this time, the stewed pork ribs will start to stir -fry. The heat is cold and the meat slices, stir -fry the pieces of the meat to change the green onion, and then get some raw soy sauce, and then the green pepper will start stir -fry.It turns out that I really can’t cook, but you see that I will have a sentence after Sister Ying.

· Sprinkle a little salt next, a little chicken essence and sugar, and then some oyster sauce.Fry the green pepper in the inside without white things.

· At this time, the ribs are also stewed. Put the corn and carrots prepared just now, and simmer for another 20 minutes.Time is to add a taste of salt and white pepper powder. I added salt to forget to record it so that the corn pork rib soup is just fine.See if the soup is white milk white, come to some onions.

· Then put the fans and spinach just soaked in the boiling water and scald it for about a minute.After getting it out, the cold water is over, so that fans are not easy to stick together.Then cut the fans with scissors.

· Next, season with a little salt, a little sugar, a little chicken essence, and order some sesame oil. Pour the minced garlic you just prepared, spill the hot oil to stimulate the flavor of these seasonings just now.

In this way, spinach fans are ready.Look at this dead lady, eating our meal at all did not show a gobbles.Really, let’s eat it ourselves.

Pregnancy is not a family.

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