Baby Liu Yi was born!Yang Zishan sent an official to declare the daughter, a family of three funny and the same frame picture warm

On June 1, when netizens were still obsessed with eating melon, Wu Zhongtian suddenly announced the news of the girl who made a child, and wrote that "finally someone can cure you", which aroused heated discussion among everyone.

In the photo of Wu Zhongtian, a baby grabbed Yang Zishan’s hair. Although Yang Zishan lowered her head, she could still see her mouth raised from the side, her face was full of happiness, and her mood was very good.

Subsequently, Yang Zishan also updated the social platform dynamics and blessed her daughter Liuyi to be happy.She first took a photo of her pregnancy. Yang Zishan wore a gray sweater and a hair strap. She was white and firmer, and her short hair looked very capable.

Yang Zishan and Wu Zhongtian sat on the carpet. Her husband fiddled with the small game machine in front of her, and she lowered her head, holding her belly with one hand, and the other hand gently stroked. The dim light hit her, highlighting Yang ZishanMother’s gentle charm.

They also cook and took pictures together, sat together to chat together, showing a joyful smile on their faces, and their hands were full of sweet atmosphere.

Immediately afterwards, Yang Zishan took out the child’s recent photos. The newborn baby’s lips were full, which was almost exactly the same as her mother’s lips.Wu Zhongtian clamped his daughter’s little feet with his fingers, and the funny interaction between the father and daughter was very interesting.

But what makes people feel warm is their family of three photos. The little baby holds his father’s fingers tightly. Yang Zishan holds his daughter in his arms. Although the three have no face, they can feel them from recent photos.The warmth and happiness between.

After seeing dynamics, netizens praised the family of happiness, and some people said that they finally waited for official announcements, and some people joked that Wu Zhongtian’s family status was clear at a glance.

It is reported that Wu Zhongtian and Yang Zishan were in the palace of marriage in October 2015 due to the drama. In June 2017, they officially held a wedding in Sanya. After the marriage, the two were very low -key and rarely shared daily life on social platforms.Every time Yang Zishan appeared with works.

In December 2021, some media took a picture of Yang Zishan and Wu Zhongtian out. In the exposed picture, Yang Zishan’s abdomen was obvious and suspected to be pregnant.

Subsequently, Wu Zhongtian acknowledged the good news of his wife’s pregnancy in an interview. The two of them had the crystallization of love for 6 years, and the joy was overwhelming.

However, Yang Zishan rarely showed up during pregnancy, but from the photos she exposed, it can be seen that Yang Zishan’s state after pregnancy is still like a girl, and she looks cute.

Today, Yang Zishan is 35 years old, and his career is on the rise. He has brought many excellent works to everyone, and has a happy family. I wish the little baby grow up healthy and wish their family of three.


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