B -ultrasound, mobile phone, security check … … about the various of the radiation during pregnancy

For many pregnant mothers, radiation protection during pregnancy is a "big problem" that has to be vigilant since learning that she is pregnant.After all, what is said on the Internet is too scary. What: affect the development of the fetus, cause birth defects, and even abortion …

In fact, you are worried about ionizing radiation, not electromagnetic radiation.

Ionizing radiation: The common ionization radiation in life includes the radiation of X -ray, CT and heavy metals. If these are excessive, they may cause genetic mutations or increase the incidence of malignant tumors.

Electromagnetic radiation: including computers, mobile phones, WiFi, microwave oven, etc. we use every day.Under normal use, these will not cause harm to the human body and fetuses, so that you will not be afraid of it.

During pregnancy, radiation protection cannot be taken lightly, but it is not necessary to do thin ice. Today, we will have the pit for everyone to prevent radiation prevention during pregnancy.

B -ultrasound affects fetal development?

The B ultrasound is used by ultrasonic conduction. Ultrasonic is an energy wave, not radiation.

Although ultrasonic is not radiation, it has energy and mechanical effects. If it is illuminated for a long time or prematurely, there is a certain safety risk for the fetus.

However, it can be rest assured that the B -ultrasound in the clinic is low -intensity, and the B -ultrasound examination duration does not last for a long time, basically the end of a few minutes.At present, no data shows that the B -ultrasound of the conventional delivery test will cause harm to pregnant women and fetuses.

Dare to touch mobile phones and computers?

Mobile phones and computers are the most commonly used tools for people. For many young people, they have no mobile phones and their lives are blocked.But pregnant mothers love mobile phones, fearing that mobile phone radiation will affect the baby.In fact, expectant mothers can rest assured that the fetal treasure is not as fragile as you think. It is still difficult to affect him with the radiation of mobile phones and computers.But mobile phones are not life. Specific mothers should not play with their mobile phones all day. Give their eyes a chance to breathe. Isn’t it better to give yourself a chance to get close to nature.

The printer dare not approach?

Do you often hear others say, "You are pregnant, far away from the printer, and radiation."The radiation of the printer is actually not very large, but the printer will release ozone, dust, etc. at work, so when starting, we can smell a bad smell. The pregnant mother may cause discomfort. The pregnant mother is in the printer in the printer.You can stand a little further at work.

Can pregnant women not pass security?

The security gate is just a short period of time, and it does not pose a threat to the fetus, so that the pregnant woman circulating in the world cannot pass the security check.As for the security checkpoints that detect luggage, the import and exports are covered with lead cloth. As long as people do not lie in, they will not affect the human body.

Can pregnant women can’t take a plane?

High -altitude radiation will be larger than the ground radiation, but the radiation dose received during a flight period is lower than that of the fetal harmful dose, which can be ignored.Therefore, it is possible to fly during pregnancy, but it is not recommended to fly frequently during pregnancy. Aside from radiation, the bumps of airflow during flight will also make the pregnant mother uncomfortable.

Can all radiating clothes resist all radiation?

The radiation protection suit is not a "golden bell cover". Nowadays, the anti -radiation uniforms on the market on the market can only protect a part of the non -electromagnetic radiation, and these radiation itself will not affect the fetus.

Although radiation may be everywhere in life, most radiation doses are very weak, and they are basically within the accepted range of the human body.Pregnant mothers do not need to entangle this issue to increase their troubles.

If you want to wear a radiation protection suit, you can at least let others know that you are a pregnant woman. You don’t have to wear it yourself.

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