B -ultrasound confirms a little prince!Detailed to the symptoms of male treasures and fetal dreams

For more than five months, I found an acquaintance to do a B -ultrasound today. My husband was accompanied by the whole process. It was very detailed. The baby was not gentle at all. Unlike most babies curled up, my husband said that we were like a young master, and his hands and feet were all hands and feet.It was opened, like a big word, so he even saw the genital organ. The doctor said that you are the little prince.

This is not surprising, because my husband and I have always felt that I am a brother, maybe my mother’s intuition is indeed accurate!But this intuition comes from my fetal dream:

1. Dreaming of a big python wrapped around my neck and hand (dreaming of snake entanglement, boy)

2. When I was pregnant, I dreamed that I was caught a lot of fish, very powerful 3. Dreaming that I wanted me to hold it, so I hugged it to play cards.boy)

4. Dreaming of a nest under my pillow (the dream is also a boy)

5. Big Turtle, I feed it to eat biscuits by my bed, and it is still trying to crawl on the bed

6. A black horse accompanied me to run in the field

7. There are many pears on the pear tree

8. This is also the most direct dream. So far, I have dreamed of being a better than a boy, and I also saw the baby’s reproductive organs. Another time I dreamed that I had given birth to a boy.

9. I also dreamed of floods, big waves and the like many times

I can remember how long the fetal dream can be remembered, and I recalled all the baby dreams in one breath.Mainly, I usually like to dream, and I will check Zhou Gong’s dreams every time I get up, so my intuition is my brother is my brother

Let’s talk about my symptoms:

1. The idea gray was found two days before menstruation

2. Dizziness in the early stage

3. Nausea nausea, but not vomiting, only vomit once, basically the nausea at night is serious

4. Every time you do the B -ultrasound, the sac is round (I personally think this is not allowed)

5, hot and sour people like it, you can’t eat it without taste,

6. Do not eat meat three months ago, now I like to eat meat. I can eat it very much.

7. Except that the belly is long, it is not long in other places.

8. My skin has not changed, and I feel that I am still beautiful (the skin of the woman is good, the skin of the man is poor, and I personally feel that it is inaccurate.) When I was pregnant with her daughter, my skin began to grow acne until I gave birth.

9. Fetal movement.I only felt the fetal movement in four and a half months, and the fetal movement was always on the left, like playing me

10. Ferry heart, the fetal heart has been 157 before the right, now 147, but it is very powerful.Husband said his fetal heart is as powerful as an adult (low fetal heart, but strong boy, this is still more accurate)

I do n’t know if you have a dream dream?Actually, fetal dreams are often hinted

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