Aunt nanny is pregnant. The child is my dad. Is there a birth ability at the age of sixty?

"My dad is almost 60 years old, can he still have a child?" This was a question asked by Mr. Zhang to the doctor on the phone.It turned out that Mr. Zhang invited a nanny to help take care of his poor father. He did not expect that this diligent and kind aunt was pregnant.What is even more incredible is that the baby may be his father who is nearly six0 years old and his body.

After listening to the phone, Mr. Zhang was stunned for a while.He couldn’t believe what he had just heard -a man close to the elderly and had trouble with chronic diseases could still have a new life?Even if the nanny Aunt is really pregnant, it may not be what his dad does?

Facing the sudden news, Mr. Zhang’s heart

It is full of confusion and shock: "I know that men do not have a clear menopausal time to stop ovulation like women. But I always feel that men like my dad with poor health and poor health should be difficult to become a father again."

So when the sun was sprinkled into the room the next morning, Mr. Zhang decided to take Aunt Nanny to the hospital for examination and confirmation.

After detailed inquiries and comprehensive examinations, the hospital experts answered: "Although you are all surprised, in fact, your parents still have normal fertilization.

"So how can we determine whether the child is done by my dad?" Mr. Zhang asked.

Medical experts told him: "If you need to determine whether the child is made by a certain male, then the most accurate way is to perform DNA parent -child identification. Of course, considering that the aunt is in early pregnancy state and this technology involves ethical issues, so it cannotUse easily. ""

On the way home, Mr. Zhang thought about it for a long time: "Maybe he should talk to his father to talk about the problem." I remembered that I had been accompanied by accompanying the left and right.

Back to the door of the house, watching the results of sitting anxiously on the sofa in the living room, reporting the result of the old man’s heart trembling. No matter how the results, it will change the original comfortable and peaceful daily life.

"Don’t be nervous, we have found the answer …" Mr. Zhang took a deep breath and sat down to explain the whole thing.

From then on, each ordinary afternoon chat topic has added more about new members; although everyone needs to take over for a while, but in the end, everyone is happy to accept the new members.

This incident enables everyone to re -understand and understand the physical mechanism of the elderly around us. At the same time, we also warn us to seek answers to any scientific methods for any emergencies!

In the process, Mr. Zhang and his family have experienced a huge psychological change.At the beginning, they felt incredible and confused about the fact that the old man could bred a new life.However, after medical experts explain in detail that men’s fertility is not completely lost due to age, they gradually accept this fact.

Of course, acceptance does not mean no doubt and concerns.Considering the health and age of the elderly, Mr. Zhang still worried about the health of the baby in the future.After all, scientific research has proven that elderly father may increase the risk of some genetic diseases in babies.

But at the same time, this also allows everyone to cherish every new life and re -realize the importance of scientific knowledge in our daily life.As medical experts say: "Any emergencies should be preferred to seek answers."

Regardless of the results, this experience makes Mr. Zhang’s relationship closer to his father. They have begun to communicate more and look forward to the arrival of new members.

"I never thought that I would be a father at the age of 60." The old man said with a smile, "But since things happened, I could only do my best to face it."

Looking at the image of the old man in the face of the old man, Mr. Zhang was very emotional: "I always misunderstood you. I thought you couldn’t have children because of your age and weak body. But now it seems that you are much stronger than I think."

Perhaps this is the case. Life is always full of unknown and miracles; only through open thinking to accept changes can we truly understand the world around the world.

At this moment, the sun is sprinkled into the corner of the room and shines on everyone’s face with a smile; the new members will bring endless joy to the entire family. At the same time, we also warn us not to underestimate our potential!

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