Aunt has always been preparing for a year on time but has repeatedly bumped into the wall. After the intervention, she actually hit it!

Today is exactly 8 weeks of pregnancy, the days of Geely. In this record, the hardships of from infertility to pregnancy are recorded, and sisters who have similar situations with me are reference.

I got married late. When I was 34 years old, I went to the hospital for an examination for one year at the age of 34. Although I had passed the adaptive age, my aunt always believed that I did n’t have much problem. I did n’t expect the six hormones in the first roundI am a stick, FSH ovarian function 17, estrogen is low, VIP clinic old doctor with pen PIA PIA circled these two items on my tip of my heart.And let me do follicle monitoring.

Persist in the follicle monitoring three times the next day and find that the follicle shape is normal and can be discharged normally. Fortunately, the egg is not a problem. Ask the doctor to say that my ovarian function is not good, so the egg is not necessarily normal every month.At that time, I firmly believed that the ovarian function was not good. After searching for a lot of information on the Internet, I decided that my own inferences decided to prepare for pregnancy and see the Chinese medicine conditioning ovarian.Did not check the fallopian tube immediately.

When I arrived at the Chinese medicine, a beautiful doctor looked at my tongue coating and asked some questions to read my hormone report, saying that my situation must be adjusted, otherwise it would be easy to slip the tire even if you were pregnant."Boom" thunder, well, the Chinese medicine that took about a month suddenly had a stomachache, and asked the doctor that some people’s stomachs would not adapt to Chinese medicine. Go to a beautiful doctor.First conditioning the stomach and intestines and then regulating the ovary. Damn, how can I have so much time delay and my aunt does not agree with Western medicine to drink Chinese medicine. It is said that the child’s skin will be dark in the future. Well, I give up Chinese medicine and make up my mind.

Originally thought that the radiography would be painful, but it didn’t hurt. It was that the small belly swelled and sour after the potion was hit, but it only lasted for about 2 minutes.The results of the report are extremely unpleasant on the left side, and the right side is painful. It is recommended to perform SSG intervention surgery.The reason for the test tube is that I am 35, not 25, and the FSH is so high that even if I do a test tube, I may not accept me, and then the follicles can not be born after dragging down the follicles.I was tangled at that time, I almost wanted to calculate the test tube directly, but I still couldn’t bear to be so critical of my body. Finally, I decided to do the test tube for 3 months of intervention.

It is worth mentioning that it was not normal for me to finish the auction of the second month. I did n’t say a week in advance, and I left two worships of blood with blood clots. At that time, I felt that I was about to die.It was bloody with hemostatic medicine and took three days and finally drove away the auntie. Then the insurance was overcast.A bunch of anti -inflammatory medicines let me finish taking it before doing it.I gave me a strong spiritual support to help me ask me a circle of doctors and let me not take medicine first. I listened to her without taking it.The normal return of the next month proved that it was not blood. I seriously suspected that when I did not hear the doctor at the time, I took a full three days of anti -inflammatory drugs and caused inflammation of the pelvic cavity.

Because I was afraid of pain, I went crazy about my mother circle and Baidu to seek comfort before the appointment was involved. I found that there are still a lot of positive energy, but I always have a chance in my heart.Examples of successful pregnancy in surgery, I decided to prepare for pregnancy first. Three months have passed, but still have no need to go to the hospital to make an appointment.

The intervention was really guilty. The aunt asked an acquaintance to find a doctor with a good reputation. When doing the whole process, the sense of dysmenorrhea could be tolerated.After coming out, the sense of dysmenorrhea aggravated the body’s weakness and his face was pale and lying on the stretcher bed for twenty minutes. He saw that his husband’s eyes were in tears and glory, and he wanted to be worth it.During this period, the surgeon came out to see me lying there and asked me what happened. I said my stomach hurts. She didn’t say anything, so it must be a normal phenomenon. The aunt said thank you for having a child.Yes, it’s a good words!

For the current doctors, I only ask for a good hand or not. In fact, sometimes even a consolation can make the patient nervous and release.Afterwards, my aunt said that the hand to get numb is the symptoms of shock.You have to make a pig!Fortunately, the surgical results were completely unobstructed on the right, and the left on the left was relatively strong and unobstructed.

After returning home, I took the lessons of the last time I took the film and took three days of anti -inflammatory drugs. After 3 or 4 days of blood, there were no discomfort. The surgery performed at the end of September was delayed in October.After the ovulation period in November, I did my homework for 4 consecutive days in the morning, and then,, hey, my friends said that I was in a blow to the first round of pregnancy.The baby has a strong fetal heart bud in 42 days!

The running accounts were completed, and the preparation war of nearly two years made me summarize as follows, hoping to encourage sisters who are still fighting infertility.I also sincerely thank my mother for giving me a platform for seeking theoretical help and psychological comfort!

1. I should go to the hospital for examination for half a year of pregnancy. My husband checked because it was non -invasive.I do n’t believe it for God to worship the Buddha.

2. The doctor should listen, but you must not believe it after all. After all, the doctor is not 100 % correct. It is necessary to combine his own actual situation and come to a forum similar to a mother circle to find sisters to ask for and share actual combat experience. Du Niang is mostly theoretical experience without the forum.Spectrum.

3. Don’t be afraid of small surgery such as radiography, liquid, intervention, laparoscopy, etc., be sure to go to the Sanjia Hospital for a specialist hospital.

4. As long as the follicles are normal, the fallopian tube can get pregnant with a smooth one side, and the others are floating clouds, of course, the premise is that the husband’s sperm is normal.

5. I have been eating black soy milk since I found that the estrogen is low.

6. Eat folic acid at the beginning of pregnancy, supplement nutritional exercise, so that it is not easy to get sick and do not need to take medicine. The physical examination does not take X -rays. The wisdom teeth that are often inflamed should be unplugged.Exercise the next day.

7. In the end, you must be confident. Even if you are older, you must firmly believe that you can do it, because this is a tough battle that has no smoke, but testing your physiological and psychological battle. As long as you persevere, you will be able to win!

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