At the age of 74, he has a dream of birth. The twin is 78 years old and his mother is 74 years old. Who will grow up with the child?

On September 5, a 74 -year -old grandma in India successfully became a mother through artificial insemination, and she was born with a pair of twins.The grandmother was very excited. She said that she was looking forward to 60 years before she fulfilled her dream of being a mother. The old grandmother’s husband was 78 years old. Although the old couple felt too lucky.However, according to media reports, they were ill the next day to live in the intensive care unit.

Netizens shouted directly: Children are so bitter, they look like grandmother than their parents, who takes care of whom, and the child is happy?Who will grow up with your child, can your body really eat it?Moreover, as the oldest newborn mother, is it really in line with the rules of fertility of our human beings when we are so old to get pregnant?

1. Menopausal is not the termination of fertility

In "Juvenile", Wang Shengnan was still pregnant with a second child at the age of 42, and she was pregnant after menopause.At that time, Wang Shengnan thought that he had reached menopause. How could he get pregnant again?The answer given by the doctor is to believe in science.

In medicine, we all think that there will be no ovulation without menstruation, but the human body will have a process of adaptation, as well as men’s menopause.The current diet is relatively abundant, and there are many nutrients in intake. Although entering the menopause, some of the negative effects of some of them are much less than in the early years. Reasonable support will have an adaptation process after entering the menopause. This process will have women in women.Continue ovulation during this period. Although there is no large amount of menstruation, the eggs can still be discharged normally at this stage, and it is possible to get pregnant.Therefore, don’t think that after 40 years of age, you will not get pregnant when you are menopause.

2. The uterus can still continue to work

Although women do not ovulate in menopause, the function of the uterus is still there.As long as you cooperate with the doctor for treatment and the auxiliary of estrogen, the uterus can still perform the function of the breeding bed to cultivate the baby.So as long as women are willing, even 60 or seventy years old can still plant embryos into the uterus for pregnancy.

3. The adverse effects of the elderly childbirth

Although we know that women do not really say goodbye to fertility as they grow, but we have to say whether the older child or disadvantage is greater than benefits!There are more problems with older women, the older women, the higher the chance of malformation during pregnancy.This is because with the growth of women, the metabolism is slow, and many bad factors will be settled in the body. These will slowly enter the embryo and affect the health of the embryo.

At the same time, the elderly maternal will also be more hard when raising children in the future.Not long ago, the status quo of losing her parents. After she lost her only son at the age of 50 at the age of 50, she performed artificial insemination and gave birth to a twin, but it was really difficult in raising.When this elder sister still has to do 2 jobs at the age of 55, she is both a father and a mother. In addition, her body is not as good as one day. After she is worried that she will take care of this pair after leavingWhat about Laosi?

Therefore, I hope that women should consider it carefully if they want to have a child after age. If you choose to continue your pregnancy, can you really ensure your health and your child’s happy life?Do you think women are older?

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