At that moment, I suddenly felt that I would not get married and have children in this life.

In the moment you suddenly feel that you won’t get married and have children in your life?

When my girlfriend is single, I am also single.We often go out to eat together.Let’s make an appointment together to make a sideline, take photos with the product, push together, and plan how to get rid of the water together.

I often have no positive shape. When you are sad, you can call and cry for two hours. It is a trash can with each other and a charger for each other.

I also look forward to love together, and I will definitely wear the most beautiful wedding dresses to marry the favorite person and live the happiest life.

Two people are like a person.

Later, when I was old, everything was no longer firm. My girlfriend compromised, dates, love, and married.

Along the way, I watched my girlfriend step by step.When she was on a blind date, I blessed single, when she was in love, I blessed single when she was in love. When she got married, I was single with a big red envelope.His heart is full of joy, looking forward to her happiness.

However, she said, but so.Love is just the same.Life is like this.As she shared with my life, she told me to marry love, so I must wait, don’t worry.

Later, when my girlfriend was pregnant, when I didn’t show up, I felt that everything was as usual. She was still my good girlfriend. It didn’t change much. We were as always.

Later, when she was seven months, she missed me very much, told me to accompany her, and talk to her.Looking at her rolling belly, I suddenly started to be uncomfortable.

She told me how big the child is now, where is her hand, and let me look at her belly and say that the child will suddenly kick her.

At that moment, I felt that I would not get married and have children.

Because when she described it with me, I clearly felt that there was a dense goosebump on my arm.Caused my extremely uncomfortable response.

In the past, my colleagues around me were pregnant. I felt normal. Many children around me also liked it.I think that everyone around me also knows that I am very patient with children, and I am very patient.

I remember that there was a child of a relative’s house. When I was in the New Year, I went to her house to pay the New Year. I took her for a long time. Later, when I went back, she cried and wanted to go home with me.Because of the epidemic, I did n’t go home for the New Year for two years. Every time the little sister saw my mother, I asked my sister when to come back?She saved the New Year’s money for a long time. When I took it out, my brother asked her if she could buy sugar.The younger sister said that she would keep waiting for me to go back to buy cake for me.

My brother said that at that moment he was jealous of me.I’ve only seen my little sister once, and she never forgets for several years.

I have always thought that I would fall in love, get married well, give birth to children, and have two.

It wasn’t until my girlfriend in front of my girlfriend, this time I lost my state, I knew that I might be afraid of breeding.

That night, I dreamed.I dreamed that I was pregnant, my belly was large, and I was transparent.I looked at the children in my stomach, as if I saw a demon.The rolling belly will explode at any time. Sure enough, when I took a deep breath, my stomach was like a bubble glucose explosion, and my stomach exploded.In the dream, I held my waist with my waist and holding my broken belly and the children who were about to fall to the hospital everywhere.

The feeling of fear of weakness in the dream was too real. I moved around for a long time and finally arrived at the door of the hospital. When I was about to get out of the car, I suddenly mixed and woke up.

After I woke up, I was worried.

I repeatedly recall the scene in the dream in the middle of the night, sweating.I think I may not get married in this life and will not have children.

All pregnant mothers are great, but I am scared.

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