At 22 weeks of pregnancy, I bleed …

Each expectant mother hopes that she can be safe and smooth during pregnancy, no waves, until delivery.But in fact, how many people can always be smooth?Pregnancy is a period of happiness for women.When I was pregnant, I encountered a sudden state of unforgettable life …

I remember very clearly that it was the 22nd week of pregnancy.That morning, I woke up as usual, and suddenly felt warm for a while.I thought it was legendary leakage, and immediately got up to the toilet.However, it was unexpectedly found that red blood was mixed with urine and flowed out together.I was panicked and immediately greeted Yue Xun to help.

At 22 weeks of pregnancy, why is there a moonlight at home?It turned out that my body had not been very good. I was not pregnant. I finally got pregnant, and my husband just went to the country again. It would take half a year to come back.He was really relieved, so he invited a full -time Moon -aunt on the housekeeping service platform.It is convenient to take care of me, and there are people who are companions, and I will not be too boring.Unexpectedly, the accident came so suddenly, and Yueyue was just helpful.

Can’t care about cleaning up, Yueyue helped me, slowly went downstairs to take a taxi, and went to the nearby maternal and child health hospital.After the doctor’s internal examination, he said that the cervix was watery, and he held the test strip and told me to break the water.He said that the gestational week is too small and there is no need to protect the fetus. It may affect adults in the palace infection when it is late.

I was stunned all of a sudden: Can the child keep it?I couldn’t accept it, I cried on the bed, and even forgot to call my husband.I don’t want to lose this child.Yue Yue was next to the doctor, and asked me some situation, and then said to me, "Would you like to try it?"

I seem to grab the life -saving straw: transfer to the hospital?Do children still have hope?Yueyue said that the hospital is too small, and the examination may not be accurate. The child will not be gone for no reason. We can go to a large hospital to see, maybe there is hope.

What else said, I did not hesitate to listen to Yueyi’s suggestion.The two of us got a car and went straight to the city of Tianjin.On the way, I frequently contracted, the fetal movement was strong, and the lower body was still warm.I didn’t even have a cry of crying. I always felt the movement of my baby. I thought silently that the baby must be strong.

When I arrived at the hospital, my blood had soaked my coat.The doctor told me that there was indeed bleeding, but the cervix felt okay. He asked me to do a B -ultrasound.After getting the report form, he said that the amount of amniotic fluid was normal and the fetus was normal.However, you need to be hospitalized for a detailed pregnancy examination. After confirming that there is no problem, you can go home to the fetus.

It wasn’t until this time that my hanging heart slowly put it down.At that time, I cried with Yueyue, all my concerns and anxiety, released at that moment.Yueyue said nothing, she touched my hair, like a mother.

Later, I told my husband about this that he was frightened.At the end, I said: "Thank you for Yueyue, she is the benefactor of our family!"

Yes, thank you so much!

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