Are you still eating these 4 types of food on an empty stomach?Don’t eat your body, eat in this order

What can I not eat on an empty stomach?Some things cannot be eaten on an empty stomach. This will not only absorb nutrients, but also affect your health.

In daily life, we hear a lot of taboos about the empty stomach. These rumors are true and false. Today, I will solve the doubts about eating on an empty stomach!

Can’t eat bananas on an empty stomach?

You can eat bananas on an empty stomach.

You can eat bananas in the case of an empty stomach, but because bananas have a large amount of dietary fiber, you cannot eat too much banana in an empty stomach. Because too much banana is not easy to digest in the stomach, the stomach may feel that the stomach will feelUnwilling, so it is not advisable to eat too much banana during an empty stomach.

If you want to eat bananas on an empty stomach in the morning, you can eat some other things. There are certain sugar, vitamins and dietary fiber in bananas. You can add some noodles, milk, eggs, etc. to eat together.The pressure will be smaller.

Bananas are very convenient to eat and are loved by the public.And bananas are also rich in dietary fiber, which can promote gastrointestinal motility and help the bowel movement smoother.For those who often constipation, eating bananas in the morning is conducive to alleviating constipation.But patients who often diarrhea should not eat too many bananas at a time. They can be eaten with other foods, which can reduce the stimulation of bananas to gastrointestinal tract.

Can’t drink tea or coffee on an empty stomach?

It should not drink tea on an empty stomach.

Tea is a drink that contains a large amount of caffeine and other alkaloids. If you drink tea on an empty stomach, it is easy to cause excessive absorption of alkaloids such as caffeine, which causes symptoms of physical discomfort, such as dizziness, panic, weak hands and feet, chest tightness, etc.If there is a poor gastrointestinal function, if you drink tea on an empty stomach, it can easily cause stimulating gastric mucosa to secrete gastric acid, which will cause excessive gastric acid secretion in the gastric gastric, which will even worsen and induce gastric disease.

In daily life, it is recommended to drink tea after meals, and also avoid drinking too much strong tea to avoid the decline in gastrointestinal function or affect the health of the body.

Can’t drink coffee on an empty stomach

① Affects the digestive tract.Stimulate gastric acid secretion and promote intestinal peristalsis.Some friends said that I wanted to go to the toilet not long after drinking coffee, which is the reason.In layman’s terms, coffee has a certain "laxative effect" for ordinary people.However, if your stomach is not good, has stomach problems, or excessive gastric acid secretion, it is not recommended that you drink coffee, because coffee is too stimulating to the stomach and stomach, and friends with stomach problems are likely to cause gastrointestinals due to coffee, the gastrointestinal does not get worse.Comfortable and aggravated symptoms.

② Coffee contains caffeine.When you get up in the morning to drink coffee on an empty stomach, caffeine will quickly reduce the concentration of blood sugar.When you drink coffee, you don’t feel a problem, but after a while, you will feel dizzy and sweat. This is a typical symptom of hypoglycemia.

③ The impact on the brain.Coffee contains a large amount of caffeine, and drinking coffee on an empty stomach will speed up the absorption of caffeine.When caffeine enters the human body and stimulates the central nervous and heart, we will obviously feel that our heartbeat is accelerating, breathing is accelerated, and they are excited.If the coffee intake is too much for a long time, palpitations are prone to appear.

Can’t eat garlic and cold food on an empty stomach?

Not recommended.

Both garlic and cold food will stimulate the contracture of the gastrointestinal and intestines, which may induce gastrointestinal diseases for a long time.Sudden stomach cold may also stimulate the heart.Therefore, it is best to eat cold drinks in the middle of the two meals. It is not appropriate to eat it immediately when it is on an empty stomach, after full meal and sweating.

Can’t eat persimmon on an empty stomach?

Not recommended.

After eating persimmons on an empty stomach, because under the action of gastric acid, the tannic acid and protein contained in it will combine the tannic acid protein that is large and insoluble in water, and then precipitate to the stomach.Stick the persimmon skin, persimmon core, and plant fiber together, and gradually wrap it to form stones.

If it is not restrained, as the amount of persimmons increases, this hard block will become larger and larger, which will cause great hidden health hazards.At first, it can be manifested as hidden pain, tingling, abdominal distension, etc., which can cause vomiting blood and even induce various diseases such as gastric ulcers.

Persimmon contains a lot of carbohydrates. Usually the ingredients are sucrose and fructose, so persimmons are very sweet and delicious.But no matter how delicious persimmons are, you can’t eat too much at a time to avoid stones.

The order of eating on an empty stomach

Eat vegetables first and eat a bowl of vegetables before eating each meal, which is very good for our health.In particular, people with diabetes, as well as hidden patients with precursor diabetes, are good for eating.

Then eat fruits, eat protein foods, and finally eat rice.If you have a sense of satiety, you will eat less, and you can control the total intake of calories.

Source: Yin famous doctor

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