Anthology and Answers of Epidemic Prevention | After pregnant women "Yang Kang", how to use nasal congestion, cough, and headache?

With the arrival of the peak of the new crown infection, some infected people in the early stage have been in the recovery period after turning, but many people have not completely disappeared.When pregnant women encounter "cement nose", "cough constantly" and "nobility -free drugs, craniotomy", etc., how should we choose and care for medication?Ma Yabin, the deputy chairman of the China Hospital Education Association reasonable drug professional committee, Ma Yabin, director of the pharmacy department of the Oriental Hospital affiliated to Tongji University, and the head of the Pharmaceutical Division of the Ministry of Pharmacy of the Oriental Hospital of Tongji University, said that the physiological structure of pregnant women should fully follow the principle of individual medication.Pay attention to the evidence of drugs to ensure the safety of medication during special periods.

What should I do if the pregnant woman "Yang Kang" keeps coughing?Can common drugs such as compound meta oxygenica be eaten?What about Chinese medicine?

The cough after turning the yin continues, mainly because the virus infection damage the respiratory tract mucosa.The human body excretes the throat, trachea, and bronchial secretions through cough and sputum. Generally, it is not necessary to be too nervous.

Women during pregnancy should pay attention to choosing cough and phlegm drugs. For dry cough without sputum or less sputum, the common right Mishafen oral liquid is not recommended to choose, especially in the early stages of pregnancy.When the sputum is thick and not easy to cough, the phlegm drugs should try to choose acetylcysteine or amprolytic puff. It should be noted that the early forces of amxyate cable pregnancy are disabled. After 28 weeks, more clinical experience shows that it will not show that the fetus will not face the fetus.Causes impact.Due to the large amount of clinical use of compound meta oxygen, many pregnant women will ask if they are suitable for taking it.Compound metamario oxygen sauce capsules contain hydrochloride, aminocate, Nicotine, and Malay acid chlorophenyamin. The only four of the ingredients are Malanate chlorphenylene.The other three components have fewer evidence, and it is not recommended to use pregnant women.

Because of the general lack of security evidence, it is not recommended to choose during pregnancy.It is recommended that pregnant women drink plenty of water and rest. They can take food therapy methods. Honey can alleviate cough. Salt steaming oranges have evidence -based medical evidence to alleviate the "blade throat".

How can pregnant women be relieved when they encounter "cement nose sealing"?Can hydroxymeloline and Syloxoline be used?

Common hydroxymetholine, Syrodoline, and pyrodonoline drops are all caused by blood vessel contraction to reduce congestion and edema caused by inflammation. When the "cement nose seal" is severe and poorly breathe, it can be played.It is good to relieve, but this type of drug is prohibited for pregnant women.Animal reproductive studies have proven to be toxic and side effects on fetuses, so such drugs should be strictly avoided.

What if the nasal congestion is unbearable, what should I do if it affects sleep?You can try the physiological saline to wash the nose or steam eye cover to apply the nose. The former can reduce local inflammatory factors, and the latter can reduce the congestion and swelling of the nasal mucosa.

Pain is very common after "Yang Kang". Among them, migraine is like a nigrine -free skull surgery. How should pregnant women choose drugs?

For migraine drugs for migraine, the treatment of acetylphenols should be used as soon as possible when migraine occurs. The recommended dose is 1000 mg every 24 hours.In addition, ibuprofen is recommended to treat migraine. The recommended dose is 600 mg per 24 hours, and women in the middle of pregnancy can be used.

If pain can be tolerated, you can relax and reduce the pain and reduce pain.

"Yang Kang" does not mean that the symptoms of the disease completely disappear. The pregnant woman needs a 1-2 weeks of recovery after the new crown infection. At this stage, reasonable medication, adequate rest and nutrition, and stable emotional lack of emotional lack. I believeEach pregnant mother will spend smoothly.

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