Anemia for pregnant women has 4 major harms to the fetus. Only these points can make the mother and child grow up healthy

Iron deficiency anemia (IDA) is one of the four nutritional deficiency diseases in my country. It is common in pregnant women and children. With the opening of the second child policy, the number of pregnant women has increased significantly, and the incidence of iron deficiency anemia also increases accordingly.

With the continuous improvement of the current medical quality and level, iron deficiency anemia has gradually been valued, and the study of the society’s research on iron deficiency anemia is more deeper.Ceremony.

Iron element is a necessary trace element in the human body. Although it accounts for a low proportion of human material composition elements, it has a vital role and significance to the human body. Iron element is an indispensable element for red blood cell growth and reproduction in the blood.Insufficient iron in human blood will cause red blood cells in the blood to be unable to generate normally, which will cause the human body to have iron deficiency anemia anemia.

Iron deficiency anemia during pregnancy refers to the low iron content of trace elements in the blood in the mother’s body during pregnancy, and iron element is a necessary element generated by red blood cells. Due to the low iron content in the blood of the maternal body during pregnancy, the content of iron in the bloodAnemia occurs.

Iron deficiency during pregnancy often leads to anemia in insufficient hematopoietic hematopoietic in pregnant women, and anemia will cause pregnant women’s uterine placenta to not obtain sufficient blood volume. On the one hand, it will cause the pregnant woman’s tolerance to the tolerance.The occurrence of excessive blood loss will be shock, which will seriously pose a serious threat to the health of maternal and newborn life to a certain extent.Therefore, avoiding iron deficiency anemia during pregnancy has a vital role and significance for the life and health of pregnant women and new babies.

① It is easy to cause infant hypoxia:

If the anemia of pregnant women is serious, it will cause the blood cell ability to decrease and cause hypoxia in the fetus. If the anemia of pregnant women is severe, it will directly lead to the fetal hypoxia and the premature birth of the fetus.

② Affect fetal development:

If the anemia of pregnant women is severe, it will also directly affect the healthy development of the fetus, because the anemia of pregnant women will cause insufficient blood and oxygen supply of placenta, which will directly affect the normal development of the fetus.Essence

③ Fetal anemia:

For pregnant women’s anemia, the symptoms of fetal anemia directly cause the fetus, because the severe anemia during pregnancy causes insufficient iron in the body to cause fetal anemia.

④ Affect delivery:

In addition to the fetal anemia caused to a certain damage to the fetus, there is also a certain harm to the pregnant woman itself. If the anemia of pregnant women will directly affect normal delivery. If the situation is serious, it will cause deflationary weakness and postpartum hemorrhage.

① Supplement nutrition:

Iron deficiency anemia during pregnancy is caused by insufficient iron content in the human body due to the insufficient consumption of iron elements in the human body than the supply volume. Therefore, when preventing and treating iron deficiency anemia during pregnancy, the first is to consume sufficient iron to meet the human body to meet the human bodyThe amount of iron required for red blood cells in the blood provides sufficient blood supply to the placenta, which in turn prevent and avoid the emergence of anemia.

The way to obtain iron in the human body is mainly through consumption of fruits, vegetables rich in iron -rich elements, so pregnant women should eat more fruits and vegetables during pregnancy, do not picky eaters, and balance nutritional matching, so as to ensure that pregnant women can get physical need during pregnancy.A variety of nutrients avoid iron deficiency anemia during pregnancy due to malnutrition, thereby ensuring the health of pregnant women and babies.

② Proper iron supplement:

Clinical commonly used iron, right glucoside iron decentralized tablets supplemented with iron needed iron required for patients, right lattahydride iron scattered tablets are FE3+ organic complexes.Entering the blood circulation, promoting HB production, bone marrow hematopoietic stem cell division, and mesh of red blood cell secretion, and improving the condition of anemia.

Right -moraleine iron tablets belong to the third -generation oral iron supplement. It is mainly composed of right -moleculed and organic three -valent iron.

③ Strengthen health care during pregnancy:

Appropriate and effective pregnancy health care is the key to ensuring the health of pregnant women and infants. In order to ensure the health of pregnant women and infants during pregnancy, we must do a good job of health care.

For example: Pregnant women should exercise appropriately during pregnancy. On the one hand, it can ensure that the pregnant woman’s own physical health and their own immunity and resistance can be enhanced.Pregnant women during pregnancy can also avoid the appearance of obesity of pregnant women to a certain extent, enabling pregnant women to provide a healthier environment for babies in the body and promote the healthy development and growth of infants.

Once iron deficiency anemia occurs during pregnancy, it will often affect the health and safety of pregnant women and the normal development of the baby. Therefore, pregnant women should prevent and avoid the occurrence of iron deficiency anemia during pregnancy. This requires pregnant women to ensure sufficient nutritional photography during pregnancy.Input, and the balanced combination of nutrition, eat more foods rich in iron, and also perform corresponding health care and physical examinations during pregnancy, timely discover and prevent iron deficiency anemia, thereby ensuring the health and baby of pregnant women and infantsSafety.

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