American female workers are still at work, and they are sneaked in the toilet of the factory to produce a child and drowned the baby to throw a toilet.

According to the British media "Daily Mail" reported on May 17, local time, in a meat product processing plant in Smithfield Foods, Missouri, a female worker recently went to the toilet to secretly produce a child during work and abandoned it.The newborn drowned in the toilet water and ignored it.

At present, the female worker has been held in prison and is not allowed to be released. She will face the charges of primary homicide, second -level murder, and abuse negligence.

It is reported that the female worker named Makuya Stephanie Kambamba, 28 years old, produced in the toilet at the toilet in the toilet of the meat processing plant in Milan, Milan, Milan.

Can Mima told the police that she saw her child facing down and struggling in the toilet, but because she was still contracted, she sat back on the toilet again. It was not until about 30 minutes later that the other people in the factory walked into the bathroom.Discovering this poor baby.But it was too late at the time, and the newborn had drowned in the toilet water.

According to the autopsy report, the cause of the newborn is drowning.Kamaba was arrested for murder and ignoring children last Friday, and was transferred to Davies/Dekalb prisons in Pattonburg.

This incident made Smithfield Foods, the world’s largest pork producer, once again appeared on the hot search.Previously, due to the outbreak of new coronary pneumonia in the meat processing branch of Smithfield in all parts of the United States, it attracted much attention.

A Smithfield factory in Solsta, South Dakota, was once a larger source of new coronary virus infection in the United States. At least 800 workers were sick at that time.In Milan’s factories, there are also a certain case of diagnosis. In order to prevent the virus from spreading again, all employees of the factory have undergone nucleic acid testing.However, earlier this month, the employees of the Milan plant were exposed to litigation, accusing the factory that did not do enough in protecting workers to avoid new coronary virus infections.

In the case of the Kamaba, in addition to criticizing the behavior of Kamaba, the Smithfield Food Company was once again questioned by the public.Some netizens questioned: "But why did Kan Mima produce and still work? This is so disturbing." Some netizens said: "She obviously needs help, but did not get any help!"

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