Although summer fruit is good, kidney friends have bad things!Just pick the fruit like this ~

It is often said that in life to maintain good health, patients with kidney disease are very sensitive to protein intake. This cannot be touched. Then eat less. Can fruits always eat?

Indeed, eating fresh fruits is good for kidney health. Rich dietary fiber helps delay the deterioration of kidney disease, and it also has the benefits of preventing cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and cancer.

The dietary guide recommends ingested with sufficient amounts of fruits per day, but kidney friends need to be more discerning to eat fruits, strictly choose according to their own conditions, but this fruit must not touch!

Destiny poison

The fruit of taboos -aca

The first primary school text "Painting Cafe" was fascinated by the beacon, and thought about it: Is this beautiful and sweet and sour tropical fruit delicious?Where can I buy it?

When I grew up, it was found that the cases of causing causing acute renal failure and poisoning occurred when they were eating mixed peaches. For kidney friends, it was undoubtedly the fruit of taboos and fatal poison.

Cases occur from time to time in the case of stomach poisoning

Cafe contains a variety of ester, oxalic acid, vitamin C and calcium, potassium, magnesium and other substances, as well as neurotoxin named Caramboxin, which has obvious kidney toxicity.

Studies have found that the degree of poisoning can be divided into levels of light, medium, and heavy. Without timely treatment, it can progress from mild progress to severe. The development speed is related to the difference in individual patients.

Under normal circumstances, patients can develop onset for half an hour, accompanied by hiccups, vomiting and conscious disorders, coma, hematuria, chronic renal function, etc., which can seriously cause death.

In addition, there is no direct relationship with the symptoms or mortality of the symptoms or mortality, and the poisoning mortality of those with abnormal renal function is very high.

These people eat cautiously

Patients with kidney disease (those who have suffered from kidney disease) should not eat cannibalism, kidney dialysis, kidney transplantation patients avoid caramblars, cannon juice, and cans.

Patients with basic metabolic diseases such as diabetes and hypertension should eat less cannon as much as possible. Before eating, it is best to pay attention to their own renal function.

Elderly people with full renal function can eat appropriately, but it is not suitable for an empty stomach or excess. It is best to eat between two meals.

Consumption guide

Types of fruits that can be edible

The type of kidney disease and the stage of kidney disease determine what kidney friends can eat or what they can eat.strawberry

Strawberries are rich in vitamin C and antioxidant elements. Dietary fiber helps to defecate. It is suitable for all kidney friends. If you are prone to diarrhea, you must eat less, otherwise it will increase kidney disease.

Although it is appropriate, it is not greedy, just about ten or so a day.(Those who are prone to diarrhea should be appropriately reduced)


Loquat has the reputation of "the first branches of fresh fruit in the early summer". It is rich in carotene, vitamin B, a variety of sugars, and organic acids.

Suitable for all kidney friends, but one daily is enough, not greedy.


The rosy bayberry is very happy, rich in various organic acids and vitamin C, appetizing and digestion, but there are many eyeworm eyes, and it is soaked in light saline.

It is worth noting that bayberry belongs to high potassium fruits, with 149mg of potassium per 100g. Chronic renal insufficiency or dialysis must control the amount of controlling the amount of renal friends to avoid hyperkalemia, causing arrhythmia, cardiac arrest and other accidents.


Cherry is rich in anthocyanins, which is also conducive to reducing gout risk.But cherry has a high potassium content, generally 258mg per 100g of potassium.

Patients who are not suitable for uremia dialysis patients and nephropathy complicated hyperkalemia (including cherry), really want to eat the doctor’s suggestion first.


Nowadays, the lychee is listed, and the crystal clear flesh is particularly attractive, but the lychee is easy to eat the upper body, and the kidney friends are easy to cause allergies or aggravate the inflammatory response, and eat it with caution.

Litchi has a high sugar content. Sugar friends should pay attention to consumption. It is advisable to control about a few daily.


Peach is rich in dietary fiber, crispy and delicious, but has a high potassium content and is not suitable for kidney friends with high blood potassium.

High blood sugar kidney friends can eat half a peach between the two meals, and it is not advisable to eat it once.


Watermelon clearing heat and relieving diuretic and diuretic, water content, but patients with dialysis of renal failure, nephropathy or uremia, should strictly control the intake of water and fruit, otherwise it is easy to aggravate the condition.

Choose a kind of type, control the amount of fruits, and eat a large amount of pieces. Drink less juice, especially the kidney friends with high uric acid and gout, must not drink fruit juice!

Learn these tips

Eat fruit healthy with kidney friends

The weather is hot, the fruits should be appropriate, and there are also requirements for the refrigerated environment: the refrigerator is clean and hygienic, the vegetable meat and fruits are stored separately, avoiding the pollution of the fruit, causing gastroenteritis, increasing nephropathy or damage to health.

Fruit cannot be used as a meal. Eat between two meals is the best, and drinking less juice.

Patients with edema or renal dialysis should control the intake of water volume. If you consume a lot of fruits, you should reduce the amount of water drinking accordingly ~

The healthy life starts from a bit, and it is more conducive to rehabilitation to follow the doctor’s advice and maintain a healthy life habit.

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