After women find out that after pregnancy, the first sentence of the doctor is "do you want", different answers are different

When a woman is pregnant, it is usually full of blessings and expectations. I believe most people will send sincere blessings as soon as possible when they hear the news of female friends Huaibao.

However, for professional doctors, in the face of the small life in the expectant mother’s belly, it is not as simple as sending wishes. Sometimes what they say from them will even make pregnant women panic.

After half a year after Ye Zi and her husband got married, they finally ushered in the crystallization of two people’s love. Looking at the two horizontal bars on the test paper, the two people didn’t mention how happy they were, and came to the hospital for confirmation as soon as possible.

Unexpectedly, when it was my turn to check myself, the doctor confirmed that after the leaves were pregnant, the first sentence was to ask the couple: "36 days of pregnancy, do you want this child?"

Ye Zi and her husband were scared by this question from the doctor, and asked carefully, of course, do we want, do we have any problems with the baby?

The doctor laughed and said, "Don’t be nervous, the child is good, just want it. After filling in these wins, go home and keep your heart at ease."

When the pregnant mother’s Ye Zi later told her friends about this experience, it was also vivid when talking about her feelings. The pregnant mother said, "I was really scared at the time. I was afraid that the child was unhealthy, and the doctor asked so much."

To be honest, although the doctor must come up with a professional state and level in the face of pregnant women, after all, they are also flesh and blood. In the face of the answers that expectant mothers want or not, they have different treatment.

When I heard the babies in their stomachs abandoning their stomachs, the doctor inevitably regretted her heart, and her expression was slightly dignified. When a positive answer was obtained, she often laughed and told pregnant women with various precautions.

1) Prepare for the next check

After all, not all the expectant mothers who are pregnant with the baby will definitely leave the child. The doctor needs to confirm the decision of the expectant mothers as soon as possible to prepare for the next check.

If the expectant mothers want to leave this child, pregnant women need to know what examinations need to be done in the next step, what precautions should be available during pregnancy, and if it is the opposite decision, different inspections and treatment are required.

2) Give pregnant mothers a time for thinking

Doctors will come into contact with a variety of people every day. Although they may be used to various decisions and cannot decide the ideas of expectant mothers, they will give pregnant women a time to think about by inquiry.

Especially in the face of the situation where the pregnancy age is suitable and the embryo is developing well, a sentence may make the expectant mothers who were originally afraid of worrying, or made a decision to change their minds.

3) I am afraid that the expectant mother has other ideas to be difficult to speak

Of course, in the face of various different situations, some pregnant women do have some unspeakable suffering, so that they have to give up the babies in the belly. At this time, if the doctor is asked, you can also avoid expectant mothers have other ideas.But it is difficult to speak.

Speaking of congratulations, for the prospective mothers who do not want to retain their children for various reasons, they can only make the atmosphere embarrassed instantly, and it is also easy to cause secondary damage to the expectant mother.

Warm message: Maybe for a parent who is not ready, the accident of the child is not surprise but frightened, but after all, choosing not to accept the baby in his belly is in the final analysis.Damage, so it is recommended that if you do n’t have to prepare for pregnancy, it is necessary to take protection measures. Try not to get yourself into a dilemma.

Ask daily: When you go to the birth checkup, do the doctor say what you remember?

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