After wearing a sleeve, the wife is still pregnant, not the fault of a condom, but an improper use error.

Contraception is a keyword in sex life. There are many ways and means of contraception, but condoms are a way of convenience and love for people.But this small sleeve, like most other contraceptive methods, is not very reliable.

Let ’s analyze it together. What are the phenomena that will cause the phenomenon of“ my husband is wearing a sleeve, but the wife is still pregnant ”?

1. Did not wear a suit in time

The most correct way to wear a sleeve is to wear it beforehand, but because wearing a sleeve can cause a sense of discomfort and affect the pleasure. Therefore, some people do not like to wear a suit from the beginning, but to a certain stage.Wear.But this sometimes has a late phenomenon that the dead sheep is replenished and late.Because in the process of doing things, men are likely to have ejaculation, so wearing a set too late can also lead to contraception failure.

2. Improper use

Before wearing a sleeve, the air in the small sac at the top of the condom is generally squeezed out, mainly to avoid the pressure inside the capsule during use, causing the condom to rupture and semen leakage.Some contraceptive failures are caused by the carelessness of people, which is caused by the exclusion of the air in the small capsule before use.

3. Cracks of condoms

This is also a relatively common phenomenon, which has a lot to do with the quality, storage time, and some other external factors.The quality of condoms is not closed. The storage time is too long, which will affect its elasticity and toughness. In the process of doing things, it is more likely to have a sleeve rupture.In addition, people’s fingernails, rings, etc. are also prone to scratching condoms, causing rupture before or during use, causing contraceptive failures.

Compared to eating contraceptives and breeding, condom contraceptives are still the best choice for people. It is not only convenient, fast, and reliable, but also does not have side effects on human body, and will not endanger women’s health.

Wearing a condom is a good way of contraceptive, but people should pay attention to its use method and method to avoid failure due to errors.

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