After the Sino -Vietnamese War was over in 1979, how did Li Zhu’s wife and children end?Little daughter Annie was assassinated

From the past, China and Vietnam have gradually moved from the collapse of the former socialist brotherhood to the splitting of the soldiers, and it is actually very related to the superiority of the Li Zhu Group.Li Zhu, the Vietnamese people’s evaluation of him can be "half -reputable. Some people think that he is the" son of the Vietnamese people ", but some people think he is a fighting" national sinner ".

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In addition, another reason for Li Zhu’s many people to attack the Vietnamese people was his family.It can be said that Li Zhu’s family affairs with their own power even affected the state affairs of Vietnam.Just as his agency was doing everything, but in exchange for his wife and children’s miserable end, the younger daughter Annie was even assassinated because he was assassinated …

Li Zhu: Dragon Tuzu teenager eventually became a evil dragon

In 1907, Li Zhu, who was born in a farmhouse, was unwilling. After contacting the advanced revolutionary thought in his early years, he devoted himself to the cause of communism.It soon became the second leader after Ho Chi Minh.

Ho Chi Minh

Ho Chi Minh, as the "national father" in the hearts of the Vietnamese people, in order to achieve the success of the Vietnamese revolutionary cause, frequently ran to China and Vietnam, and took the initiative to establish friendship with the CCP’s senior management, which sponsored many China for Vietnam.

The friendship between China and Vietnamese is also the friendship between socialism and brothers and brothers, and thinking about the principles of cold teeth with neighbors Vietnam’s lips and multiple friends, and tightened their belts to assist Vietnam for free of charge.It helped Vietnam to build many infrastructure, and even sent hundreds of thousands of PLA troops to Vietnam in the Vietnam War in the Vietnam and the United States War and helped Vietnam a victory in the Anti -American War.

Anti -US Aid and Vietnam Force

At the same time, Li Zhu has also made great achievements in the War of Resistance Against the United States, and greatly improved its prestige, becoming Vietnam’s national hero.However, Li Zhu’s ambitions are far more than that. Soon, he sets his own layer of relationship network on the Vietnamese authorities, which has a lot of overhead Ho Chi Minh.

In 1969, Ho Chi Minh died.Li Zhuzhang was logical, and he sat on the first place in Vietnam as he wished, but he did not choose to continue the friendship between China and Vietnam during the Ho Chi Minh period …

After the victory of the War of Resistance Against the United States, Li Zhu’s ambitions became more expanded. He did not choose to let Vietnam’s rest that has been eroded by the war for a long time to recuperate. Instead, he wanted to use the way of aggression and expansion to achieve aggression against Vietnamese countries.Establish the "Indochina Federation" with Vietnam as the hegemon.

China, which has always advocated peace and development, naturally does not agree with Vietnam to help Vietnam’s expansion of hegemony.Therefore, Li Zhu chose to completely fall into the Soviet camp and attempts to achieve Vietnam’s hegemony expansion by using the military assistance of the Soviet Union.The Soviet Union was using Vietnam’s expansion of its own forces and containing China, so it successfully stirred with Vietnam.

Soviet army

Li Zhu followed the Soviet Union to implement the anti -China anti -China to the end, not only in isolation to suppress the Chinese relatives and Chinese forces, crowded the Chinese people, but also began to stab the South China Sea territory and frequently provoked in the South China Sea of ​​my country.

It is unbearable. In the face of Vietnam’s behavior, in 1979, China who tried to solve many times in 1979 was forced to launch a self -defense counterattack against Vietnam.The infrastructure that China once assisted Vietnam had been destroyed.

Vietnamese Vow Division Conference

China’s heavy punch hit, crushing Li Zhu’s ambitions.But he has never reflected on himself, but he has become more and more intensified.In the end, Vietnam was soaked in the long -term war, and the comprehensive national strength severely declined, the economic stagnation collapsed, and fell into the ranks of poor countries.The high -level bureaucrats headed by Li Zhu are notorious with corruption. Even Li Zhu himself and even his wife have become synonymous with corruption.

Rotten Li Zhu family

Li Zhu has two wives in total. His first wife Li Shishuang is a typical wife and mother.When Li Zhu was still a poor boy, Li Shishuang married him. Since then, he has devoted himself to handling housework and his husband.Li Zhu has also been arrested and imprisoned for the revolutionary cause, and it is not easy to leave Li’s one to pull the four children.

But when they got married for 20 years, Li Zhu, who became famous, resolutely abandoned Li Shishuang, who had been in trouble with him, and married the young and beautiful Ruan Rui’e as his wife.The four children were left for him to raise it.

Li Zhu, who greets the Vietnamese people

Among them, the eldest son, Lihan, chose to be the army and became the University of Vietnam’s People’s Army.The eldest daughter Li Shiqu married Vietnamese cadres, and the second daughter Li Xuehong was a journalist, and her husband was a professor who participated in Vietnamese teaching reform.As for the younger daughter, Li’s sister, she successfully obtained a PhD in biology.

Compared to the low -key humility and frugality of Li’s first wife, Li Shishuang, Ruan Rui’e is not a good role.She was wealthy, had been well -educated, served as the president of the Women’s Council and the Secretary of the Women’s Group, and also served as the main pen of the Vietnamese "Saigon Liberation News". On the surface, she was indeed a revolutionary progress woman.

However, since Li Zhuzhu came to power, the corruption of officials of Vietnamese government officials has become more and more serious, and it has repeatedly banned.At that time, the domestic economy in Vietnam had been in a long -term downturn under the war of prolongs. However, many ordinary cadres with a monthly salary of only dozens of dollars were filled with various senior appliances and trendy items.

The streets of Vietnam in the 1970s

Li Zhu’s second wife, Ruan Rui’e, saw "business opportunities" from this layer of chaos.As a result, she has repeatedly used her name to make up prices in the Vietnamese market, smuggle and exploit the people, and even collect high allowance fees to government agencies to collect money for herself.Even after Li Zhu died of illness in 1986, Ruan Rui’e also continued to intervene in the struggle in the Vietnamese Communist Party under the slogan of "maintaining the property that Li Zhu has been damaged."

Ruan Rui’e and Li Zhuyu have one daughter and two sons. Among them, the eldest son Li Jiancheng became a deputy doctor of aviation engineers and physics through studying in the Soviet Union. He also served as the chairman of many companies.Li Jianzhong, the second son, served as the Customs Customs Customs and Deputy General Administration of Security of the Ministry of Public Security. He also had the rank of major general to enjoy the rich and rich.

However, Li Wu’s most beloved younger daughter Li Wuying -Annie, the ending was very miserable.In 1972, when Annie went to Su Li, he fell in love with Victor Muslov, a physics professor at Moss University 20 years older than himself.After learning that her daughter was a rebellious love, Li Zhu decided to oppose it, and made Annie return to China, and also arranged a family relationship for her in China.

After Annie returned to China, she was frustrated and obeyed her father’s arrangement to marry others.But she never broke her thoughts about Maslov, but buried the relationship deeply in her heart.Seeing that her daughter got married, she thought she was completely at ease, so she asked her to return to Moscow to complete her studies with her husband.

After Anne returned to Moscow, she naturally had a secret style with Maslov and re -narrated the old feelings.Of course, all this was carried out by her current husband.After Muslov’s child, Annie knew that the paper could not hold the fire, and divorced the original husband and married Victor Muslov.


Knowing that Mu has become a boat, Li Zhu doesn’t say much, you can only forgive this most beloved little daughter.Not only that, no matter how busy or. No matter how busy, he will take time to go to Moscow to see his daughter and granddaughter at first sight and accompany them to the circus and playground.

However, the good times didn’t last long, and Annie became pregnant again.At this time, Li Zhu was also in the fierce party struggle in Vietnam, so his opponent decided to use his daughter Annie to knock him down.Anni had a blood collapse when she gave birth, and the doctor eventually announced the death of Annie by rescue.

Maslov, who holds the portrait of his wife

However, Maslov saw his own eyes that his wife’s body was full of bubbles, and it was not like he died of hemorrhage at all.In this way, Annie became the victim of the struggle within the party of his father, and Li Zhu was also hit by this incident. Since then, he died and died soon.

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