After the pregnancy is successful, how long does it take to respond?Don’t take it seriously

Xiaojiang recently felt that the lower abdomen was a little uncomfortable, her chest was slightly swollen, and her body was very sleepy. She thought she was going to menstruation and was very happy.Because the menstrual date, which has always been accurate period, has been pushed for a week. She is also worried about it, afraid that her menstruation is disordered, and now she is finally relieved.Later, after the mother -in -law knew, she bought a pregnancy test stick from the pharmacy to let her try it, but she was pregnant. The previous feeling was not that the menstruation came, but the symptoms of the early pregnancy.It’s right.Women who have not been born do not know the reaction of the body after pregnancy. The expectant mothers in the early stages of pregnancy are easy to have a miscarriage because of negligence.So, after pregnancy, how long it takes to react, which signals will it give?

A small number of people reacted within 30 days

This kind of human body is more sensitive. Like the symptoms of Xiaojiang, this feeling is like a woman coming to auntie, so it is easy to be ignored by expectant mothers. Most expectant mothers have no feeling at this stage.

About 40 days of pregnancy reaction

At this time, the response of expectant mothers will be obvious, and there may be a certain pregnancy reaction. Expectant mothers can also judge their conception more accurately through menstruation.If the expectant mothers find that they have symptoms of pregnancy, you can go to the pharmacy to buy a pregnancy test stick and go to the hospital for examination, but don’t be sloppy.

What small signals will your body give you after pregnancy?

Delayed menstruation

If the pregnant mother’s previous menstruation came for a few days, but suddenly it was postponed for more than a week. At this time, the expectant mother would consider whether she was pregnant.

Changes in appetite

What I didn’t like to eat before suddenly felt very delicious. Some things I like to eat before, but now I don’t even want to smell it.Many expectant mothers have changed a lot after pregnancy, and they will like sour and spicy food.

Breast pain

This is also very similar to women’s menstruation. The breasts will feel bloating, but breast pain will be more obvious after pregnancy. The breasts will feel bigger, full and tingling.


Many expectant mothers have become sleeping gods after pregnancy. They often feel that they have no strength and have no spirit. I couldn’t sleep before. Now I can’t wake up.

Sensitive smell

Many mothers suddenly become sensitive after pregnancy, and they can smell the fried smell, oil fossils, and sometimes the smell that ordinary people do not pay attention to."Dog Nose".

When I was pregnant, pregnant women were not easy to detect, but when you have a regular sex life and have the symptoms mentioned above, you must pay attention to whether you are pregnant and wish you "good pregnancy".

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