After the embryo transplants, "menstruation" is still pregnant?

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As a post -70s born in Shandong, after graduating from junior high school, he was able to successfully admitted to a technical secondary school after graduating from junior high school. It is the simplest expectation of teachers and parents to make money to support their families earlier.Unfortunately, in the pre -selected exam of the technical secondary school, the scroll teacher’s inadvertent decimal point changed my English score from 85 to 8.5 points, completely crushing me to be the beautiful vision of Li accounting.

There is no way, I can only prepare for the entrance examination. At that time, I thought about fighting. Since I couldn’t be Li Yin, I was Dr. Li. If you want to be a doctor, you have to take a good high school.At that time, I was really fighting. In the last large number, I still held the acceleration of the free landing of this physics book.

The list of the middle school entrance examination is posted on the best school in Zichuan, on the wall of the Zibo No. 4 Middle School, and the names of the lucky candidates are written on the big red paper.It looks like.

When I was looking for my own name, my heartbeat accelerated and my palms were sweating until I saw my own name.

"Long droughts and rain, the hometown encounters the old know, the cave house is a candle night, and the name of the gold list is when the title of the gold list". For a 15 -year -old child, I can’t understand the first three, but the feeling of happiness in the "gold list title" isOne of the most important highlights in my life, I can never forget.

Back now

As a reproductive doctor, the daily task is to determine the medication plan, ovulation, egg retrieval, and transplantation for patients. All of them are preparing for the last ring -pregnancy test.

The feeling of pregnancy test is very like when I went to see the list that year: I look forward to it and restless.After seeing the results of the pregnancy test, many patients’ friends either wept, or tears in tears, and the sadness and joy of life are constantly staged in the small clinic every day.

Before coming to the hospital, many people couldn’t stand suffering. They had tried it with their own pregnancy test sticks.They even had even the interest in blood testing.Thinking about menstruation anyway, there must be no good pregnancy.Is that really the case?IntersectionIntersection

Let’s look at the following case first

Last Monday, a "boss difficult" patient came to test her pregnancy. Her disappointing expression overflowed with words, "Dr. Li, I have a menstrual period, there is a lot of amount, no blood test?".I told her that she still needs blood tests. According to the results of the blood test, at least I know whether there is no bed or a biochemical pregnancy. The clinical significance is different, and the subsequent treatment will be different.

The results of the blood test show that the indicators are very good, and there are more than 600 HCG.The patient also felt very strange. She said that she had come to menstruation, and there was a lot of quantity -it had to be a gynecological examination to find out: see where the blood came from.

Opening the vaginal wall and found that the patient did not lie, there was indeed a lot of blood in the vagina, but it was not flowing from the cervical tube.The cervix is seriously congested. There is a active bleeding point at 11 o’clock on the upper right side of the cervix. It is continuous bleeding. The gauze is pressed for a quarter of an hour before looking at it.

After looking at the patient’s coagulation function, she was not taking anticoagulant drugs. This kind of bleeding was rare, so that the patient continued to take medicine and conducted a super examination two weeks later.

This is a relatively extreme example, but it is not uncommon to bleed after transplantation or after being taught.Some friends may be discontinued and stopped directly when they can’t test blood. This way, the endocrine environment will not be conducive to the continuation of pregnancy. Especially for patients with artificial cycle frozen embryo transplantation, stopped luteal support will miss the early pregnancy opportunities.

What will happen after transplantation?

What should we do?

A small amount of bleeding on the day of transplantation does not have to be nervous, especially the unrestrained position of the uterine cavity and turning in the curved.In order to put the embryo in the appropriate position of the uterine cavity, doctors may use the position of the uterine cavity to use a cervical pliers to be a little bit straight. The after surgery will inevitably have a small amount of blood -based secretions. This situation does not need to worry.

Patients with severe erosion of cervix and postoperative vaginal plugs may also have a small amount of blood -based secretions after medication.

/Normal situation, don’t worry/

The vaginal bleeding about 10 days after transplantation is sometimes blood, and the amount is generally not much. At this time, there are two possibilities:

The first is good possibility -bleeding during bed, that is, the embryo encountered bleeding caused by small blood vessels during the process of planting;

Another possibility is that the plant is really failed, but there is no way to distinguish if it does not check the blood.

Therefore, after this situation occurs, you can add a ground -musch tablet appropriately to do the doctor here to see which situation it belongs, but before you know the results, do not stop the medicine casually.

Also, the bleeding in the case of pregnancy is accompanied by abdominal pain.First of all, we must remove foreign pregnancy.If it is an intrauterine pregnancy, it is necessary to have a gynecological examination for repeated vaginal bleeding.

Don’t worry about using a peeping device to cause abortion. You don’t need to have such glass heart at all. Opening it, it helps to find the source of bleeding, so as to deal with targeted treatment.Just like the case we are talking about, if we do not hold it open to find the bleeding point, it is useless to use more "preparation medicines".For pregnancy tests, for each infertility patient, it is not an overwhelming level. The only thing you can do is to face it bravely. The captain can be our common expectations, but if there is no good pregnancy, don’t be discouraged.From scratch, with a good mentality, it is half successful!

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