After the beginning of spring, remind everyone: eat less radish and cabbage, eat more "spring 4", and enter the spring safely


Spring is the beginning of the year and four seasons. Everything is cute. The earth contains a strong vitality. New buds have emerged from various fresh vegetables in spring to make people who love early taste.

In the spring, it is recommended to eat less winter ingredients such as radish and cabbage, because these two are not only seasonal ingredients. After a winter storage, whether it is moisture or nutrition will inevitably be lost, especially middle -aged and elderly people with weak bodies.To "from time to time, don’t eat", eat more seasonal vegetables, and add enough nutrition, the body is better.

Entering spring, it is recommended that middle -aged and elderly people: eat less cabbage and radish, eat more "spring 4", fresh and tender at the time, healthy spring.

Spring is the tender season of spinach, and it is the most beautiful way to eat. At this time, spinach is called "spring pineapple".

Recommended method: 【Spinach Complete Eggs】

1. One spinach prepare for washing; a few grains of garlic into minced garlic; two eggs in the bowl, add 1 gram of salt into the bottom flavor, and add a little water starch to increase the toughness of the egg liquid, stir and beatSan.

2. Boil water in the pot, add a little salt and vegetable oil to make the color brighter color and prevent nutritional loss. Put the washed spinach after boiling the water.Rinse with water and cool the water.

3. Boil oil in the pot, smooth the pot, pour the hot oil after heating, pour half of the egg liquid directly, gently rotate the pot, use the remaining temperature to spread the egg liquid into a round egg cake, and after the final potA circle of vegetable oil, gonorrhea can leave the egg cake away.

4. When the egg cake is tilted around, the other side is fried and fryed to the pan. It can be fryed out. Stack the fried omelet and cut it into a wide strip for later use.

5. Prepare a large pot, pour in minced garlic, add 1 gram of salt, 1 gram of monosodium glutamate, 5 grams of raw soy sauce, 5 grams of vinegar, 5 grams of sesame oil, 5 grams of green onion oil, put into the spinach controlled by the water, cut itGood egg skin, mix with a bowl and mix well to install the plate, and it is delicious.

The toon leaves are known as "gold on the tree" because it has high medicinal value and edible value. In the early spring, the toon leaves and even ginseng have the effects of refreshing appetite and benefiting the liver and spleen.

Recommended method: [Toon steamed egg]

1. First, cook the toon leaves for 30 seconds to remove the nitrite of nitrite. After the color of the toon leaves is discolored, it will be cooled out and squeezed the water into a broken end.Prepare a deep -mouth iron plate. Do not put anything. Put the toon directly and put it on the fire to dry it. The purpose is to cook the toon and incense, remove the water, and turn off the heat after being cooked.

2. Three eggs in the bowl, add a little salt to stir and spread into the egg liquid, and then pour twice the warm water with the egg liquid to continue to stir well. In this way, the steamed custard is smoother and tender, and there will be no pores.Then sieve the egg liquid, remove the bubbles and the egg whites that are not dispersed, and pour on the toon.

3. After boiling the water in the steamer, put the egg liquid in, cover a plate of water and gas, and then cover the pot.The steamed toon eggs are fresh and tender, and every bite is the taste of spring, and it is delicious.

In the spring diet, it must be sprung up. It is rich in a variety of amino acids, vitamins, inorganic salts, etc., which has the effects of nourishing strong and qi and nourishing the brain.

Recommended method: [Snow in Snow Spring Spring]

1. Prepare 200 grams of spring bamboo shoots and soak in water; 200 grams of snow, cut into small segments and put them in a basin, add water for a while, so as to remove the salt and impurities in the snow in the snow.Xiaomi pepper ring spare.

2. Boil water in the pot, put the chilled bamboo shoots in cold water, and simmer for about 1 minute. Pour out the bamboo shoots to control the water.

3. Boil the oil in the pot. After the oil is heated, pour the onion, garlic, millet pepper and stir -fry the aroma. Put it in the snow and stir -fry, stir -fry the water, stir fry for about 1 minute, put it in the bamboo shoots and continue to stir fry for 30 seconds.Enter a spoonful of salt and chicken powder, quickly stir -fry the seasoning, finally pour a little sesame oil to brighten the color, stir -fry evenly, you can get out of the pan.

Gu Mi Cai belongs to the Amaranth family. The reason why it appears red is because it contains a large amount of iron. Eating often can promote coagulation and hematopoiesis. It was once known as the "Iron Reflection King".

Recommended method: 【Garlic Mud Valley Rice Caipan】

1. Prepare five millet pepper and cut into pepper rings for later use; cut off the root of Gu rice vegetables, soak it in a basin with water, put 2 grams of salt, and put in salt to effectively reduce the pesticide residue of Gu rice vegetables.; The garlic is placed in the garlic mortar and pounded into garlic.

2. Boil water in the pot, add a spoonful of vegetable oil, put it in the rice vegetables, and add the vegetable oil to keep the green green green. Pour out the water for 10 seconds and quickly reflect and cool it with water.

3. After the dried moisture controls the rice vegetables, cut the rice vegetables into a small section and put it in a basin, put 2 grams of salt, 2 grams of chicken powder, 4 grams of white vinegar, 6 grams of sesame oil, put it in millet pepper ring and garlic puree, usePut the chopsticks and stir well in the plate, and it is delicious.


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