After the age of 47, I dreamed that I wanted my own child to conceive my baby. I accidentally happened at 23 weeks of pregnancy ………

"Director Fei, you must help me, I want to dream of a child!"

This is the first sentence of the 50 -year -old Ms. Lu (pseudonym), a 50 -year -old Ms. Lu (pseudonym), who came to Hangzhou Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital (Hangzhou Maternal and Child Health Hospital) (hereinafter referred to as the "Hangzhou Women’s Hospital").talk.

Because of her unable to have a baby, Ms. Lu’s first marriage ended in failure to sustain for nearly 20 years.At the age of 47, Ms. Lu remarried.This time, she also wanted a child in any way.

Like most girls, Ms. Lu when she was young has longed for a sweet life with her husband after marriage. When she occasionally imagine what kind of mother would she become a mother after birth, is it gentle or severe?

However, the cruel reality failed to let her go to that step.

For many years after marriage, Ms. Lu’s stomach has not moved. The hospital examination found that her fallopian tubes on both sides were blocked to varying degrees, and the situation was serious, which was the main reason for infertility.At the beginning, Ms. Lu and her husband had a little hope, thinking that a hospital was running over. Maybe there would be a cure day.However, local hospitals almost ran around, and had received several treatment, and still did not improve.

After a long time, the relationship between Ms. Lu’s husband and wife became nervous, and a quarrel broke out from time to time.Although sometimes the cause is just a little trivial matter, Ms. Lu understands that the focus of the contradiction between the two people is always "children".She couldn’t help thinking whether her husband was taking the opportunity to vent his dissatisfaction with her unable to give birth.

Finally, nearly 20 years after this marriage was maintained, Ms. Lu’s husband was heartborn and proposed to divorce.After the quarrel and begging, I saw that there was no way to continue, and Ms. Lu and her husband who helplessly went through the divorce procedures.

At the age of 47, Ms. Lu remarried.Three years later, although the current husband did not mention too much about the child, Ms. Lu believed that the family with children was complete and the marriage would be stable.Not to mention her husband, she is more eager to have a child than anyone.

Seeing that she was about to be menopausal, Ms. Lu was very anxious.In 2018, she introduced Director Fei Xiaoyang, who was found to find the reproductive center of the Hangzhou Women’s Hospital.

After inspection, Director Fei found that, in addition to the severe blocked fallopian tube, at the age of 50, Ms. Lu’s ovarian function also declined."Elderly patients have a low ability to conceive, and the risk of pregnancy is higher than that of ordinary pregnant women. Clinically, it is generally not recommended to conceive through test tube babies over 45 years of age."

In fact, before coming to the Hangzhou Women’s Hospital, Ms. Lu had consulted the reproductive centers of several hospitals, all of which were declined.At first, Director Fei did not agree with Ms. Lu’s risk, and explained to Ms. Lu in detail.However, Ms. Lu’s willingness to want her baby was very firm. In the end, Director Fei agreed to treat her test tube baby.

Ms. Lu’s entire pregnancy process is not easy.Because she is going to be menopause immediately, her egg cells are very small. It is very difficult to get a mature egg with a high -quality embryo; fortunately, it is easy to get a high -quality embryo. The embryo is successful.At 23 weeks of pregnancy, Ms. Lu suddenly had a membrane rupture.

"This is her last chance. If this time is not kept, it is impossible to get pregnant again." Director Fei Xiaoyang formulated a detailed prenatal screening and tire preservation plan for Ms. Lu.With the joint efforts of the reproductive center medical staff, Ms. Lu spent 26 weeks safely.

Hangzhou Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital attaches great importance to the situation of Ms. Lu, and organized a centralized discussion of the hospital’s obstetrics, neonatal ministry and other departments to formulate a detailed treatment plan for her.The weight is only 800 grams. After the full treatment of the neonatal department, the baby has passed the dangerous period smoothly.

Today, the baby is more than one year old and four months old, and the indicators such as weight are normal and very healthy.Ms. Lu often took photos of the child to send it to Director Fei, "Without your efforts, I would not have my own children in my life!"

Director Fei Xiaoyang said that more and more young people are now pushing for the first marriage age of young people, and late pregnancy and late childbirth are common. On the other hand, many women want to seize the last fertility opportunities and the elderly mother who has a second child is getting more and moremany.These comprehensive factors have led to more and more elderly patients in the clinic.

Director Fei mentioned that if you have the willingness to fertility, it is recommended to produce before the age of 35.And once a long -term unable to conceive or is easy to abortion for a long time, you must seek medical treatment in time. Don’t think about being young, more opportunities, or hope for medical technology. The older you are, the less likely to conceive.Not a panacea.Even if a healthy woman, once 40 years old, the ovarian reserve function will decrease sharply, the quality of eggs is greatly reduced, and the chance of natural conception is significantly reduced.

"Women are 40 years old. Even with the help of auxiliary reproductive technology, the probability of success will become very low. Generally, after 45 years of age, the success rate of IVF is less than 10%. Therefore, basically the domestic reproductive center is over 45 years old.Women are not recommended to be a test tube baby, especially when they just want the second child. "Director Fei said that for ultra -aged women, the risk of pregnancy will be much higher than that of ordinary women., And higher than normal levels.Therefore, even if you are pregnant with your baby smoothly, you must not be careless, you must pay attention to the production inspection.

"Of course, if women who are 40 or over 45 years old are very strong for special reasons or their willingness to give birth, we generally recommend that both husband and wife first do a comprehensive pre -pregnancy examination to ensure that both parties are healthy, and then they are inaccurate.In the case, relax, let it go, don’t force it. "

"Director Fei, this is my baby who just took a few days ago! Friends said that my nose is very similar to me."

"Director Fei, are you busy tomorrow? I want to take your baby to see you."

"Director Fei, I am 28 weeks of pregnancy now, and the last production inspection indicator is normal."


One time before Mother’s Day, Director Fei Xiaoyang is particularly busy. Not only is he busy work, but he will always receive a call from the patients who have been diagnosed or receives the information from them.Ms. Lin is one of them.

Ms. Lin (pseudonym) is Ningbo, and she married the second year of college graduation.Before marriage, she reached a consensus with her husband. The two -person world in the first time, such as economic conditions and psychological conditions, matured, and then greet their little angels together.

Five years have passed in a blink of an eye, and the small life of Ms. Lin’s couple lived calm and sweet.According to the original plan, in 2016, when Ms. Lin was 29 years old, the couple began to prepare for pregnancy, looking forward to "harvesting" a new family member as soon as possible.After half a year, Ms. Lin was pregnant. When she learned of the news, the parents of both parties were so happy that after so many years, she finally looked forward to her grandson.

Everything seems to be very smooth, however, no one thought of something happened.

In the 8th week of pregnancy, the doctor told Ms. Lin that the embryo had stopped developing.Hearing this news, Ms. Lin couldn’t believe it. Obviously, there was no symptoms during this time, and she was not uncomfortable. How could she do this?Holding a hint of hope, half a month later, Ms. Lin came to the hospital to review again, and the result of the review was still fetal stopping.With helplessness, she can only choose artificial abortion.

The bigger blow is still behind.Half a year after miscarriage, Ms. Lin did not have menstruation.Running to a local hospital for examination, the results showed that Ms. Lin’s endometrium was severely damaged and the uterine cavity was severely adhesive.Doctors said that there are many factors that have caused endometrial injury. Although it is not determined, Ms. Lin’s condition may be related to infection caused by improper abortion and post -abortion care.

"The doctor said, my chances of re -conception are very small." Unwilling Ms. Lin and her husband ran a number of hospitals, but I heard similar answers.

At the beginning of 2018, Ms. Lin came to the clinic of Fei Xiaoyang, the director of the reproductive center of the Hangzhou Women’s Hospital.

After some inspections, although Director Fei also felt that Ms. Lin’s situation was not optimistic, it was not completely without a chance.She decided to repair Ms. Lin’s endometrium first, and on this basis, she can consider whether the follow -up problem can be conceived again.

After careful evaluation, Director Fei judged that with Ms. Lin’s situation, at least 3 times of endometrial repair needed."The endometrium repair surgery is very fine, and it has great requirements for the technical and experience of the master’s doctor. In addition, the patient’s endometrium is seriously damaged, and there is no way to achieve the ideal results by relying on only one operation."Considering the difficulty of the patient’s surgery, Director Fei arranged for Lin Zhenyun, a hysteroscopy expert of the reproductive center team.

Soon after, Ms. Lin underwent the first operation.Due to a detailed examination in the early stage, Director Lin comprehensively evaluated the patients and the operation was successfully completed.Because the operation is an outpatient surgery, no hospitalization is required, Ms. Lin returned to Ningbo on the day of the operation.

For more than a month after the operation, Ms. Lin found that she had menstruation, and she immediately called the reproductive center team to report the good news.Similarly, this also strengthened her confidence in insisting on treatment.

By June 2018, it took 5 months before and after, Ms. Lin underwent three operations, and the endometrial repair was good.

More than 3 months later, Director Fei Xiaoyang received more exciting good news -Ms. Lin was pregnant!"At first, she found that her menstruation did not come on time. The first reaction was that there was something wrong with it. I had to go to Hangzhou to check it immediately. Or her husband stopped it first and said it would be pregnant."Director said that Ms. Lin told her on the phone that she saw two bars on the pregnancy test stick. The two couldn’t believe it, for fear that she would be happy.Until the hospital checked to confirm pregnancy, the couple cried together.

In July last year, Ms. Lin gave birth to a little princess at the Hangzhou Women’s Hospital.A few days ago, Ms. Lin called the reproductive center team again. "This year’s Mother’s Day is May 10th, this is the first Mother’s Day in my life. If it is not Director Fei and Director Lin, I don’t know if they are not.Can you spend this festival. Thank you so much! "

This year’s Mother’s Day is May 10.In order to welcome the upcoming Mother’s Day, multiple clinical departments of the Hangzhou Women’s House jointly launched a free clinic activity to send benefits to female friends.

From May 4th, the reproductive endocrine center, prenatal diagnosis center, cervical vaginal disease clinic, pain and anesthesia consultation clinic, including prenatal diagnosis and gynecological expert clinics, including prenatal diagnosis,Readers in need can pay attention to the official WeChat of Hangzhou Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital for details.

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