After the "family mother and baby" are pregnant, don’t sleep blindly in these two situations, so as not to hurt the fetus ~

It’s too difficult to sleep well during pregnancy.

Some people say that sleeping on the left side during pregnancy, otherwise it will make the baby hypoxia and dangerous.

Some people say that they should sleep on the left side at night. If they sleep on the right side and sleep on the right side, the baby will be hypoxic and the umbilical cord will be around the neck.Nympho

I have to sleep on the left side during pregnancy. Many pregnant mothers are convinced. I ca n’t wait to start sleeping on the left side when I am pregnant.

In fact, there is really no need to torture yourself like this. Let me talk about "sleeping on the left side during pregnancy" today.

1. Why do you sleep on the left side?

1. Increase the blood supply of placenta

Most pregnant mothers’ uterus is not in the middle of the body, and there are some right rotation.

Imagine the uterus as a big ball pulled by two blood vessels. In the right rotation state, the blood vessels on the left side are tight and the blood flow is not large.

When sleeping on the left side, the uterus can move towards the left, so that the tension of the left blood vessels will be reduced, the blood flow speeds up, and the baby can get more oxygen and nutrition.

Because the way to sleep on the left is indeed good for the fetus, when the fetus is too small or slow, the doctor may recommend that the pregnant mother is lying on the left side.

2. Relieve the edema of the pregnant mother

Edema during pregnancy is a very common problem for expectant mothers, especially legs and feet.

This is because as the uterus continues to increase, the lower cavity veins are compressed, and the blood flow of the lower limbs is hindered, which can easily lead to lower limb edema in pregnant women.

If you sleep on the left side, you can reduce the venous compression, and the swelling condition will be slightly improved, and it can also avoid and reduce the occurrence of hypertension.

3. Help the fetus into the basin

Before giving birth in the third trimester, you can take the left side to lie on the left side. The use of the baby’s gravity in the amniotic fluid can help the fetal head smoothly decrease along the pelvis to avoid the difficulty caused by the absence of the fetal position.

In summary, the sleeping mother’s sleeping on the left is not only good to the baby, but also for himself.

2. When will I start to sleep on the left side?

It can start in the second trimester, and it is best to sleep on the left side in the third trimester.

1. Early pregnancy

During this period, the stomach did not change much.It was originally tortured by pregnancy. If you still can’t sleep well, how can it be?

2. mid -pregnancy

At this time, I started to show my arms, and my stomach was relatively large. It was not suitable for sleeping. It could be replaced by sleeping and sideways.

Moms with a strong edema or a big belly, it is recommended to start sleeping on the left side at this time.

3. The early pregnancy

It’s all at this time, sleep properly.

It can ensure the normal blood flow of the uterine vein, so that the placenta can obtain sufficient blood supply, and provide sufficient nutrients and oxygen for the fetal baby.

It can also reduce symptoms such as edema during pregnancy and hypertension during pregnancy, making you feel comfortable.

It should be noted that the left side of the left side is not a 90-degree left side position. It should be a left side position of 30-45 degrees. Otherwise, it will make expectant mothers uncomfortable and keep it for a long time.

You can use a pillow to pad the cushion on the waist and legs to play a fixed and supporting role, let the limbs relax and relieve stress.

3. Sleeping on the left is not the rule of death

Although the doctor recommends sleeping on the left in the middle and late pregnancy, it still depends on his own situation.

For example, the mother’s situation below:

Similar situations can be lying on the right side.

To put it plainly, the standard of sleeping position is comfortable, you must be comfortable, and your baby must be comfortable.

If you are uncomfortable on the left side position, or if your baby’s fetal movement told you "I am very uncomfortable", then decisively change the sleeping position, change the right side, or sleep on the left and right.

It is not to sleep on the left all night.

If you feel that you are paralyzed on the left side, you can sleep on the right side, or you can lie down for a while.

Do not have to worry about sleeping on the left, so as not to cause sleep anxiety and tension, but it is not good for the baby.

Not suitable for who is on the left

In addition, the following two kinds of pregnant mothers are not suitable for sleeping on the left.

1. Heart disease

The human heart is on the left side of the body, and the somewhat lying on the left side will cause the heart to be oppressed. Normal pregnant mothers can ignore it, and pregnant mothers with heart disease will add heart burden.

Therefore, pregnant mothers with heart disease or poor heart are more suitable for sleeping on the right.

2. Uterine left rotation

As mentioned earlier, most mothers are rotating right, but there are a few pregnant mothers who are born with a native uterus. The left side will only aggravate the pressure and be more suitable for the left side.

If you are still struggling with your left side, you must learn to carry out according to your own situation, not a tendon, so that you can be better and good.

Pregnant mothers are prone to insomnia in the middle and late pregnancy. If you have difficulty falling asleep, you can consider buying a sleeping pillow for a pregnant woman or drinking a glass of milk before going to bed.

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