After taking emergency contraceptives, this stubborn baby can stay!

A type of medicine commonly used in emergency contraceptives is unilateral progesterone, and the ingredients are left germination ketone, which is an over -the -counter drug.This type of 72 -hour emergency contraceptive pill is represented by New Sno Di Pills and Yuting.The earlier the emergency contraceptive medication, the better the pregnancy effect.There is no need to fast before and after taking.Another type of emergency contraceptive pill is anti -pregnancy hormone. The most commonly used is Hounin. In addition, there are Smaman tablets, Biyun capsules, Huadian tablets, etc. The effective ingredients are Mikfidone, which are prescription drugs.This medicine only needs to be taken, and fasting 2 hours before and after taking the medication. The chance of pregnancy can be reduced to 1.4%after taking the medicine. The side reaction is small. Occasionally, it is not very effective for taking a side.

The main role of contraceptive pills: inhibit ovulation, change cervical mucus, make sperm difficult to penetrate, or reduce the manufacturing of the uterine glands, make the blastocyst not survive, or change the activity of the uterus and fallopian tube, hinder fertilizationEgg transportation.Emergency contraceptives have the effects of terminating early pregnancy, anti -bed, induced menstruation, and promoting cervical maturity, and compete with progesterone to achieve antagonistic progesterone.Taking different doses of rice non -felone will achieve different effects: Usually, 10 to 25 mg of rice non -sisone at a time can be used for emergency contraception; taking 150 mg can terminate the pregnancy within 49 days.

The side effects of emergency contraceptives are mainly to affect menstruation. Because the metabolism of contraceptives is very fast, taking emergency contraceptives in principle does not hurt women, but an emergency contraceptive pill is equivalentCauses irregular menstruation, menstrual delay and other issues.

If the vagina has a small amount of bleeding after taking emergency contraceptives, this is a normal drug.

Some people will vomit nausea after taking it. The symptoms of nausea generally do not exceed 24 hours.Taking vomiting and taking medicine at the same time or before going to bed can reduce the incidence of nausea and vomiting.If you vomit within 1 hour after oral emergency contraceptives, you should take it once as soon as possible.

Many female friends have such a reaction. After taking emergency contraceptives, the menstrual flow has become less, and even amenorrhea has occurred. What is going on?The original contraceptive pills can make the endometrium dysplasia and insufficient glandular secretion. Therefore, the endometrium cannot grow normally and thinner, resulting in a decrease in menstrual flow.Emergency contraceptives will also inhibit ovulation. Individual women have excessive inhibitory effects due to contraceptives, and no retreat bleeding occurs after stopping the drug.

Some women have early pregnancy reactions, occupying about 50%of the number of medications.Most of the symptoms are first weight, and then disappear gradually. It is manifested as an early pregnancy response such as loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, and even fatigue, dizziness, etc.

Many women will cause persistent bleeding, or breakthrough bleeding like menstrual flow during emergency contraceptives.This is related to the lack of the omissions, delayed contraceptives or contraceptives.If vaginal bleeding occurs in the first half of the menstrual cycle, it is often prompted that the estrogen dose is too small; if it occurs in the second half cycle, it indicates that the progesterone dose is not enough to maintain the endometrium.

Some ingredients in emergency contraceptives can cause weight gain: androgen can cause hypertrophic or acne, especially within 3 months before taking oral contraceptives; elevation of estrogen levels causes water and sodium crickets, which leads to menstruationThe weight gain in the second half of the cycle; progesterone promotes synthetic metabolism, leading to weight gain.It is worth mentioning that the incidence of weight gain is only about 15%.

There are also women who feel breast pain, headache, dizziness, fatigue, etc. after taking it. These symptoms are generally mild, and the duration does not exceed 24 hours.Breast pain and severe headache can use Aspirin or other painkillers.

It is precisely because the main role of emergency contraceptives is to suppress ovulation and change the cervical mucus, so that sperm is not easy to penetrate, and it does not harm the fertilized eggs.Stay!

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