After taking contraceptives, can this child want?

Many female friends will ask a question when they go to my clinic: After taking contraceptives and getting pregnant, can this child want it?I think this problem must also bother many other female friends.

Generally speaking, contraceptives generally refer to women’s contraceptives, which are mostly compatible with estrogen and progesterone. There are also unilateral progesterone and some non -sterite drugs.Contraceptives can affect the different links of reproductive processes, thereby achieving the purpose of anti -fertility.The side effects of oral contraceptives are already very mild, but early pregnancy reactions may be available at the beginning.Moreover, if you take contraceptives for a long time and regularly, it can help the "calibration" menstrual cycle.

The effective rate of contraceptives

The success rate of contraceptives and contraceptives is extremely high, which can reach the success rate of 95%-97%, but there are still a few of the situation that will happen after taking the contraceptive pill.Therefore, couples who do not want to have childbirth and do not want to have a second child must be cautious.It is necessary to master the correct methods of contraceptive pills to improve the success rate of contraception.

The correct method of taking medicine

Take emergency contraceptives after meals or before going to bed can slow down the side reactions such as nausea and vomiting.If vomiting occurs within 2 hours after taking the medicine, you should immediately take the same dose of emergency contraceptives and take relief drugs.Some married and childbearing women believe that since there are emergency contraceptive measures, it does not matter if there is no contraceptive measures. Anyway, once failed, oral emergency contraceptives will be a lot of things.This is a misunderstanding, because the emergency contraceptive oral medicinal category is non -fidone, which is greater than the general amount of hormones contained in general short -acting oral contraceptives. It is often used and has potential carcinogenic risks.

Why do some women get pregnant after taking contraceptives?

Reason one: There are no strict control within 72 hours after the same room. The contraceptive pills are generally divided into three types: short -acting, long -acting, and emergency contraceptives.The short -acting contraceptive pill is a conventional contraceptive method and needs to be taken every day.Long -acting contraceptives are relatively only once a month, or once a few months, and the amount of hormone in the body is relatively large, which is not suitable for women who are not born.Emergency contraceptives, as a postprathy contraceptive, are mainly targeted at conventional contraceptive failures, such as short -acting contraceptives leakage.After the conventional contraception fails, take emergency contraceptives Yuting in time within 72 hours after the failure of the conventional contraception, and the contraceptive success is 98%.

Reason 2: I have been pregnant when taking medicine, or I have room again after taking the medicine.After oral emergency contraceptives, infertility may not occur during this menstrual cycle.If there is no more intercourse, conventional methods should be adopted.If the monthly period occurs, you should go to the hospital for a pregnancy test to determine whether the emergency contraception fails.Therefore, according to the drug’s explanation, regular oral drugs are particularly important.

After oral contraceptive pills, I still get pregnant. Does it affect the baby?

Picture information source: recurrence contraceptives clinical use of Chinese expert consensus

Tell everyone clearly that after taking the contraceptive pill, you are still pregnant, which has no effect on your baby.Because contraceptives are prepared by artificially synthetic estrogen and progesterone, such as progesterone is one of these drugs.The main role of contraceptive pills is to inhibit ovulation, change cervical mucus, make sperm difficult to penetrate, or reduce the manufacturing of the uterine glands, make the blastocyst not easily survive, or change the activity method of uterine and fallopian tubes, hinder the fertilized eggsTransportation.In other words, contraceptives can cause short -term hormone level metabolism imbalances, causing the pregnancy eggs to have no chance to bed in the uterus, rather than kill embryos, pregnant eggs, sperm.Therefore, after taking contraceptives, the baby who can survive does not have the possibility of deformity, and you can continue to get pregnant.

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