After sexual life, there is a problem with the stomach pain?



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You need to add a limited condition-

After sex

Stomach pain after sex

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Upper abdomen pain

Upper abdomen here

Mainly include stomach, pancreas, spleen and other organs

If you applaud for love

Pain in the upper abdomen

The probability is related to stomach discomfort

Some people are relatively sensitive to the digestive system

When sexual life

It may cause changes in stomach activity

There are increased gastric acid, digestive disorders, etc.

As a result, pain and discomfort in the stomach

It may also be related to emotions and psychology

Especially for some girls

After sex, anxiety and nervousness are prone to appear

Psychological stress can cause muscle tension

As a result, stomach discomfort

In general

Pain in the upper abdomen after sex

The problem is not big

Generally, it is okay to rest properly and slowly

But if it is in the process of applauding love

Pain occurs in the upper abdomen

Must stop in time

Don’t bite hard


Pain in the lower abdomen

This area of the lower abdomen

The structure is more complicated

There are many important organs and organizations

According to the system

The uterus, ovaries with reproductive systems

A cecum, appendix, and sigmal colon with the digestive system

There are also the bladder, urethra, etc. of the urinary system

Due to complex structure

Pain in the lower abdomen after applauding for love

There may be more reasons

Bacterial infections

In the process of applauding for love

Both partners will secrete body fluid and sweat

During this process

The private parts of the body are easier

Edge from bacteria

Cause inflammation such as urethritis and pelvic inflammatory disease

When inflammation is spreading

It will cause pain in the lower abdomen

Uterine, ovarian problem

Pain in the lower abdomen

It may also be related to the problems of the uterus and ovaries itself

For example, endometriosis

Ovarian cysts, etc.

these questions

May increase the pain during sexual activity

The action is too intense

Pain in the lower abdomen after sex

It may also be because you are "too strong"

Excessive stimulus

It may cause spasm pain in the muscles

Another sexual life

Women’s reproductive organs are congested and expanded

If the boys’ movements are too "rude"

The lower abdomen was strongly impacted

It may cause luteal external force rupture

After luteum rupture and bleeding

Blood flows to the abdominal cavity

Causes acute pain in the lower abdomen

And if bleeding is more

It will also cause a series of blood loss symptoms

Severe even may even shock

Compared to the front

Abdominal pain caused by luteal rupture

It’s dangerous


Pain wandering around

If your pain location

Not fixed

After a while

That probability is -flatulence

In the process of applauding for love

The emotions of both sides are in a relatively excited state

It is inevitable that "mouth breathing, big breathing" will occur

Too much gas enters the digestive system

It will cause flatulence

This situation is generally waiting for gas to discharge

The pain will disappear

Don’t worry about

The above list is listed

Abdominal pain after sexual life

In fact, it’s not just sex life

"Stomach Pain" is an extremely common situation in daily life

If abdominal pain occurs

You can use the "Jiugongge" method

Come to judge which situation is generally judged


This method is for reference only

If the pain is more serious

Hurry up to see the doctor is the king

One minute of Ph.D., the posture continues to rise

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