After pregnancy, why rarely do people abroad, but there are many domestic flows?

China is the country with the largest population in the world. In terms of fertility, the country has always been strictly controlled. Many people are well known for eugenics and breeding, which is a kind of suppression policy for population reproduction. The population growth rate has begun to decrease slowly, which has something to do with the country’s policy, and it also has a lot to do with the abortion surgery. As far as my country is concerned, the number of people’s flow is actually very high, especially in modern young people. The number of people flowing is also high, but this has shown a completely opposite trend in women abroad. Why is it?Take a look.

First understand why the number of domestic women flow more, right?

First of all, in the consciousness of physical protection, domestic women are relatively deficient, especially now there are many unreliable contraceptive methods such as superstition safety during superstition safety.It may lead to the occurrence of unexpected pregnancy, and most domestic women are avoided by choosing people’s flow of accidents. Therefore, this has ledIt must be harmful, so if female friends do not want to occur unexpectedly, they should know more about the way of contraception.

So why do women abroad rarely do people?

Compared with domestic women’s unfamiliarity about contraception, foreign countries can be said to be clear because of the open concept of contraception.In a big relationship, we can learn it.

Japanese women: Japan is a country that is more open to shame. It is also popular for knowledge in this area. There are many ways to use Japan in Japan. Among the many contraceptive methods, contraceptives and condoms and condomsOral contraceptives are a way of contraceptives that they prefer. The frequency of use is also particularly high, helping women to avoid unexpected appearances and avoid the possibility of people.

In addition, many women will choose to use emergency contraceptives to remedy after accidents, but it should be noted that this type of hormone component is very high.The possibility of accidental remedy, but if the number of times is used too much, it will bring great harm to the woman’s body, and increase the probability of some gynecological diseases. ThereforeCome to damage.

Australian women: different from the domestic population. Australia is a country with a wide range of people. Their country’s policies are encouraged to live for children. More children can get rewards and subsidies, so that many women who have giving birth to many accidents are avoided.Maybe, at the same time, if women in Australia have no plan to bred, most of them will use condoms to avoid unexpected occurrences. This contraceptive contraceptive rate is as high as 99.9%, which is very reliable.

Capsules are not only very high safety of contraceptives, but also very small on human side effects. For some diseases that spread through shame, condoms can also have good protection measures.A way of contraception is welcomed by Australian women, and it should actually be strongly advocated in China.

European and American women: In terms of contraception, women in European and American countries mostly use long -term contraceptives for contraception. Compared with condoms, it will no longer affect the effect. Compared with emergency contraceptives, its side effects are smaller, But there is an obvious disadvantage that it needs to be taken every day and has a certain regularity, otherwise it may lead to a reduction in contraception.Do you need to consider it yourself?

Because the scientific and reasonable contraceptive method is used, the chances of accidental gestation of foreign women are actually very low. The possibility of natural human flow is a lot lower. In addition, due to the different concepts, the vast majority of the majority of the accidents after accidents will be born.Foreign women will choose to give birth to children, not the resolution of abortion, but also the reason why foreign women have a low probability of abortion. However, no matter what, their contraceptive methods are also worth learning from domestic women.Method, try it.

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